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Spider-Man to pay $ 80,000 to quell poker bonus dispute

Although the protagonist played Spiderman Tobey Maguire (Tobey Maguire) on many "invited" the high-stakes game with good success, he still decided to pay a high price of $ 80,000 Ruderman Capital Partners (RCP), LLC to his complaint about the winnings of $ 311,000 in. The proposed scheme was submitted last week up, just waiting for the verdict December 21, 2011 of.

In late June, Maguire and other celebrities have been accused of involvement in illegal poker games together, the poker games held between 2007 and 2008 in a number of luxury hotels and private homes, was still chaired by Bradley Ruderman. To remedy Ruderman investment funds set up under the program to $ 443,000 to pay for telecommunications fraud, one of the directors of Howard Ehrenberg RCP presented to Spider-Man's complaint.

After reviewing the RCP money trail, they found that investors lost millions of dollars are used to pay the debts of Ruderman betting on. Because of this, RCP claims that Maguire's winnings are paid are all invalid, and his exclusive high-stakes game, but also for illegal games.

We can say that most poker players will be shocked to this argument, even Maguire itself is not an exception. He is a crazy poker player, recently years, he is also involved in the big tournaments before, even 2007 WSOP tournament the previous year also won several bonuses.

However, we want to decide Maguire settled the case of high prices was not surprised. As a public figure, he should also take into account all possible negative effects caused. Maguire step on the Hollywood celebrity Gabe Kaplan's footsteps The latter in August for $ 27,900 from Ruderman ended his winnings of $ 62,000.

Although Maguire wanted to solve the case, but he has stressed to his complaint does not involve without any illegal behavior, because poker is not illegal game, he further claim that he received all of his prize money won.

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