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Gaming Guide News: Team PKR Pro determine long-term sponsorship support PKR Poker

Gaming Guide News News: Team PKR Pro determine long-term sponsorship support PKR poker room games will be long-term and stable funding website poker game players this year in which a high-profile contract is PKR poker room will send poker players signed by representatives of the new PKB. participate in the world's biggest poker tournament.

Team PKR Pro establishment in 2009, there were only 13 players to effect that end club, they continue to grow from the poker room PKR.com's practice site. Now a member of Team PKR Pro Six Star Club include Champions Beyne EPT tournament ' Geshkenbein bracelet winner and World Series of Poker's Scott Shelley along with four star Sofia 'welllbet' Lovgren, James 'james666' Sudworth, Sascha 'locodice' Walter and Marc 'Waswini' Bariller.Marc 'Waswini' Bariller from participating in free poker tournament and continue to carry out free poker bonuses and accumulated experience gained success of Team PKR Pros previous members include British Poker Tour champion Andrew 'golfpro699' Teng and owns Macau Poker round robin ranking Adrien 'zlatan35' Allain.

Active and formerly Team PKR Pro effectiveness of professional players from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Russia .Team PKR Pro club already has a long history they continue to explore the potential of the players, of course, in addition to the necessary players have a strong sense of teamwork technical Team PKR Pro let the entire group had such high cohesion .Team PKR Pro addition to participating in various events outside the club, Team PKR Pro is still on the site PKR.com Free Teaching to establish a forum and showcase the player's life lamps, etc., but also occasional television broadcast on the Poker Channel's PKR TV commentary program.

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