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Billy Argyros get APPT Melbourne Main Event champion

The latest one Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Champion at Melbourne's Crown Casino poker Property students have "crocodile," said Billy Argyros (Billy Rose Aguilar) won the championship.

2013 APPT Melbourne Main Event Final Table Rank:

Rank Player Bonus

1 Billy Argyros (Billy Rose Aguilar) $ 134,500 *

2 Bowdy Tolhopf (Bronte Thor Hopf) $ 166,000 *

3 David Yan (David Yan) $ 133,000 *

4 Ashley Mason (Ashton Mason) $ 58,400

5 Robert Damelian (Robert Dameilian) $ 45,900

6 Joe Cabret (Joe Cabrera de Mar) $ 37,550

7 Phi Luu $ 29,200

8 Ravi Maravar (Ravi Maraval) $ 22,920

9 Jazz Mathers (Jerzy Matt Wells) $ 16,650

The first out of the final table is Matt Wells, he was only five big blinds before he got one pair of 9 position shoved Ravi Maraval Plum A, Plum 10 call, the desktop is Red 8 , block J, Plum 7, block A, Plum J.

Although out of Matt Wells, but Maraval is next out, he hit a pair of Q David Yan pair of K lost most of the chips, then got the Red K, block 9 Input Ashley Mason plum to A, Q spades and out.

Maraval out shortly after, Phi Luu also be eliminated, he got the gun Plum Q, Plum 9 shoved Billy Agnes Rose is Red A, Red J call desktop for Phi Luu did not help, he in seventh.

Joe Cabo Leiter also soon be eliminated, he lost a pair of 8 Yan David Plum A, spades Q.

Fifth is Robert Dameilian, before he got a pair of 8 flop, losing to Leo Hopf spades A, block 7.

Mason is the day when the start of the race the chip leader, but bad luck cards, finally got a pair of Q shoved met Billy Aguilar Rose Hearts A, Hearts K, the desktop is 9 Hearts, 8 of Hearts, Spades 4, block 6, block K, Mason fourth.

When three Board, Aggie Ross, David Yan 托尔普霍夫 bonus allocation agreement reached, the remaining 29500 AUD to champion, because 托尔普霍夫 is the leader, he locked 156,000 Australian dollars bonus, David get 133,000 Australian dollars, while Aggie Ross 11.5 million.

But the game still carried out four hours before entering the heads-up stage. David Yan got the former AK flop, hit 托尔普霍夫 spades A, 9 of spades, but the desktop is 8 plum, black 5 peach, red 3, block 2, Plum 9, David Yan out of regret.

The final hand, 托尔普霍夫 get plum A, 10 former Hearts flop, Aguilar Rose is a pair of 8 call, the desktop appears no A or 10, Aguilar Rose won the championship, he became the second get APPT Melbourne Australia champion poker Hall of Famer.

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