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Secret mobile betting market

Mobile betting

Since Betting games Persistent fever trend in North America and Western Europe, according to internal data statistics show that in 2013 the total betting games Mobile Betting 15% -20% of betting revenue (apart from the Chinese market). Also, according to the latest data Distimo report in January, iOS the world's top 15 bestseller list, betting accounted for three, is ranked No. 12, respectively, Double Down Casino ("double Bet times Casino") And No. 13 in the Big Fish Casino (" big fish casino ") and ranked 15 of Slotomania (" Crazy slot machine ").

2014 iOS platform game bestseller list

On the other hand, the world's top mobile games publisher revenue charts in January 20, there are two companies focused on betting, namely:. Big Fish Games, Inc and Playtika LTD and betting giant Zynga company sustained losses in the last four quarters Under the circumstances, the old magic gradually receded, and its acquisition of social choice Gambling game company, Enter the betting hand travel has become a company focused on January 18 to enter the charts first.

2014 iOS platform mobile games publisher revenue charts

For the red icon two overseas mobile betting companies, game teahouse organize relevant information for the reader to make a brief introduction:

Big Fish Games, Inc

Company Profile: The company was founded in 2002, is located in Seattle, formerly doing side trips, successful transition to become one of the world's largest mobile games publisher, it has launched its 400 variety of mobile games.The company's latest reported earnings, more than half of its revenue from mobile games, including Big Fish Casino ("big fish casino") and Fairway Solitaire ("Golf Solitaire") is to make the company's revenue growth in two main game.The company said all of the games have a high degree of participation of the faithful and the players based on their social network has more than 10 million.Many players active period of more than three years.Big Fish said the company's gambling betting revenue more than tripled in the last year.2014 will continue to introduce 20 models free games, mobile games this year in terms of the continuous efforts.His representative works, Big Fish Casino-Free Slots, Apple iOS platform has become the world's highest betting games revenue Applications.

Playtika LTD

Company Profile: The company was founded in late 2010, in 2011 landed the mobile side, and quickly realized the rocket-like growth.This month has been Caesars Interactive Entertainment (a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment Corp., the world's best-known betting and entertainment company) Acquisition.The company provides a unique multi-platform social games, and has millions of players around the world for more than 10 platforms.And the company operating the national game is mainly concentrated in: Israel, the United States, Canada, Ukraine and Belarus.Representative works, Slotomania, the game is different from other games, is a video slot machine game, for the players to experience Las Vegas.Each player will be able to gift, cash and free spins opportunities to a friend, in 2011 and soon became one of the most popular Facebook game, ported to the mobile terminal for 13 years, 13 years to become the best-selling iOS standings 15.

According to Distimo data chart shows, betting is still enduring suction gold categories. So the game decided to visit Chengdu teahouse major mobile games developer and want to understand the current status of the country to do overseas gambling mobile betting.

Situation domestic companies

By game teahouse visits to understand, currently there are a number of companies focused on the North American market, and develop Slots Texas Hold'em Mobile end game, where Chengdu, a hand travel companies to invest in the near future the two dedicated betting hand travel companies, in addition to quite a large number of start-up team is targeting the mature and stable market, because this market has become constant, unlike last year's popular card game, so some companies expanded overnight outbreak, betting a hand tour but cultivate the first user, the user will become very loyal, and very high viscosity players present Chinese gambling games do the more successful companies : Burson-Marsteller, IGG and Hangzhou Zhuoheng.

Burson-Marsteller Interactive current market value of HK $ 4.4 billion, in 2008 began to open chess game, the game was undoubtedly the most central "Texas Hold'em", the first half of 2013 revenues of HK $ 275 million, 89.1% of total revenue. Burson this core game and IGG's flagship game "Texas Hold'em Extreme Edition" with the competition, but other income is almost 10 times has become a chess hand travel industry leaders. App Store, according to statistics, in 2013 chess hand tour income rankings Burson-Marsteller in China, Thailand was ranked first.

In addition, as China policy reasons, the industry is no lack of similar companies 卓亨 this invisible, rarely exposed in the media. Although it is difficult to find information on the Internet on top of them, but the living conditions of these companies is more stable than the traditional hand-tour company , income is relatively constant.

Due to persistent fever trend betting games in North America and Western Europe, according to internal data statistics, betting games in 2013 accounted for 15% -20% of the entire mobile betting revenue (in addition to the Chinese market). In the above-mentioned former Top 20 Although there are three betting games, but if the expanded range to the previous 300, the proportion of betting games will become even greater. There are a number of domestic companies are planning to hand tour of independent research and development, distribution betting and sea, so Include a copy of the game here teahouse in the fourth quarter selling Google Play Slots game before the list of 300 of income and downloads before, hoping to provide some guidance for the reader.

Google Play in the fourth quarter before the list of best-selling game of Slots and download before income 300

Google Play in the fourth quarter before the list of best-selling game of Slots and download before income 300

(Note: in the data table is "0" on behalf of missing data)

Download and income share around the world

Download and income share around the world

Regional income and downloads accounting

Regional income and downloads accounting

As at the end, betting guide would like to emphasize once again that the existence of a world of difference with the traditional gambling hand tour mobile game of the way they operate. First, not to mention gambling hand travel ARPU value, long life cycle. Because the ARPU value is in terms of betting games bottomless pit. If a person can face sensible game consumption, that he would not be called a "gambler." For each one in terms of betting revenue values ​​do not appear too much volatility, the basic release with the game The revenue value unchanged. However, the larger income fluctuations in the value of other games, a short life cycle.

Second mobile betting promotion and distribution in different ways.Traditional hand-tour to promote the most effective way is to buy traffic.But in the betting games, this method is completely dead.Because gambling players with the traditional players entirely overlap the lower two groups, traffic buy targeted the weaker players, effective low.So betting games, mainly through two ways: through the lower social relationships and lines spread a lot of advertising.All social betting type features are very heavy, all available through one-click Facebook login, Facebook introduced into all the chain.Further down the line promotion focused on casino advertising, after leaving the casino, players continue to guide the mobile end game.Advertising only face the target user, targeted.Because for people in North America and Western Europe, they pastime in the evening in addition to bars, restaurants, the only casino.Currently all overseas markets do betting companies are all independent research, independent agents.Well in China's betting companies are all independent research and development issue.

Finally, the mobile betting games do not need innovation.With traditional hand-tour is different, gambling mobile betting life cycle is very long.For the Western world, it has been part of a very mature industry, and offline betting law in Western countries is recognized.For the development of betting, it is best not to break the rules, once destroyed, it is very awkward player accepts.Because the West has in place a sophisticated data system, the development history has for hundreds of years, has almost become a part of everyday life players, once the player is difficult to accept change.For Slots game, to a large extent like social games, so developers should do the Slots as a social game, and avoid making a simple slot machine.Furthermore, in addition to traditional stand-alone betting, join collective social elements very popular tournament player pro-Lai.

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