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New Jersey is expected to legalize sports betting

New Jersey Governor Christie and state Attorney General's Office, as promised, last week appealed to the Federal Supreme Court to overturn a 22-year implementation of the federal law. The law prohibits racing Betting Atlantic Casino Professional and university Sports Bettingʱ??

NSW appeal based on two legal issues:? Professional and amateur sports protection law is a violation of the Tenth Amendment, a violation of state power were only allowed 4 state whether the principle of the sovereign equality of violation of sports betting?

Federal law, before 1991 deadline Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon to legalize sports betting. At the time, New Jersey was the first opportunity to legalize five states, but not within the prescribed period Take action.

New Jersey in the complaint February 12, 2014, said the federal law is unconstitutional for states not treated equally, but there is no federal law prohibiting direct personal sports betting, opposite professional and amateur sports protection law that "government agency" license or authorization Sports betting is illegal.

New Jersey and currently supports the four major professional sports leagues ban (Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League) court. These alliances, he said the new state approved gambling will affect the integrity of the game. US Department of Justice on the other side sports leagues.

Currently, even the Supreme Court agreed to hear the appeal can not be guaranteed. Governor spokesman declined to comment.

2011 a non-binding co-administration shows that the new state people want to legalize sports betting, because gambling would be beneficial to Atlantic City casinos and 11 New Jersey 4 racetrack, will also provide new revenue for the new state.

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