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Sands suspect "informed do not tell" is facing punishment

Sands China earlier suspected offenders will be transferred from Macau event data to the United States, in addition to being investigated Macau protection of personal data outside the office, or even more because "informed not tell" facing the United States Court of punishment.

According to Bloomberg, the parent company of Sands China Sands earlier court he was asked to explain why in the "absence of the Macao government permission, they can not transfer data" restrictions, the relevant information was transferred to the United States, and the court did not know this limit Love judge responsible for the case of Gonzalez pointed out that she is likely to be related to behavior fined.

What happened is the former Chief Executive Officer of Sands China Di Guocheng (Steven Jacobs) After the ○ 年 七月 to a dismissal, he filed a US court against unjustified dismissal Sands, claims ten million US dollars. 翟国成 submit documents to the court, referring to the Group main 席艾德Sands Macao appear Mori allow prostitution, but Adelson's lawyers countered Sands lawyers said in court, has made some key data Di Guocheng litigation, and these data are not notified in the case of the Macau government. " temporary mistake "was transferred to the United States.

Under the laws of Macau betting operator company under certain circumstances, it requires the approval of the Macau Personal Data Protection Office before they can transfer information. Personal Data Protection Office is conducting an investigation in Macau Sands China-related behavior.

Sands recent regulatory agencies continue to face investigation, according to "Wall Street Journal" reported last month, Sands alleged violation of US anti-bribery laws and regulations, by the US Department of Justice, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Audit Committee review of Sands, three cases are related Sands trading in mainland China.

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