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Macau's betting industry in the "Magic" (b)

Macau betting is actually a large, rigorous, comprehensive financial system. Gaming hotel to build up a fund platform, betting agents lend money, gamblers is the lender.

In 2010, Asia's entertainment capital accumulated about $ 130 million, the total number of transcoding reached $ 10.4 billion, leverage capital reached an average of about 8 times (six times the industry average) per month. Exactly how such funds operate lever ʱ??

Lin Bao body extra baggage, do not love tie, like a light-colored bow tie, looking always amiable appearance, but in fact, he has 20 years of industry experience, circle all respect to him, "I'm the boss."

Asian Entertainment's gathered more than 1,000 agents, these agents up by credit lines or cash and agency closely, hold down both from a dozen to hundreds of customers ranging from resource, in the betting industry It plays an important role on the chain connecting link. In fact, betting agency bosses including Lin Bao, including, all agents origin.

22 years ago, Lin Bao a loan capital, broke into the Macau betting industry to become an agent. At that time, only Lisboa in Macau, a casino, equipped with three Duting due to business much too overwhelmed, 3 Duting only selection of the best, the best agents dozen business relationship. So at the time, has Lisboa gambling hall accounts, is a very great thing. fledgling Lin Bao find an old friend, now COO of Asia's entertainment Huang Han right into the cash account in Lisboa Duting yellow, opening his agent career.

Initially, Duting will not provide loans to the agent, the agent depends on their own accumulated cash operations. Later, in order to expand the business, Duting slowly loans to the agent, so the agent more capital receiving more and more gamblers.

On the betting industry chain, Duting lending to this part of the agent, like a strong financial leverage, leveraging a much larger flow of funds. Macao after the reunification, legislation regulating this link, to allow Duting By loans, it was able to leverage this funding health up and running efficiently.

However, an agent to obtain the loan eligibility is not easy in Duting Lin Bao hard to do for a full seven years before they got a few hundred thousand dollars the amount of the loan in 1996 Duting he still remembers the scene.: Duting boss before signing, solemnly said to him, I'll give you a loan, you absolutely can not gamble!

"Do not stick gambling", these three words is the agent for the Macau industry Zuxun iron rules. A qualified agent must have "often in the river walk, never wet feet" of anyone, whether in front of gambling What a crazy game, they can only do a cold spectator. They know better than anyone else in mind, every day, immerse yourself in this crazy world of gambling, if once entered this Yuhenantian abyss, the final result will be beyond redemption ʱ??

Lin Bao told reporters recalled that 10 years ago, he met with agents who could not control themselves, the results in just a week, lost all the years of hard work that built up on the million net worth, and ultimately nothing, struggling to survive ... ʱ??

Another example is: Once, a young agents join soon, had embezzled tens of millions of mud yard attempt on the table bring back more cash code, then fill in the account to a mysteriously feel can be only one morning, he will lose score text is not left in the afternoon, his desperate attempt to escape, was arrested at the pier.

Today, Lin Bao's younger agents often warned, "Macau can be? By circle is smaller, there is no secret. You bet money this moment, the next moment will spread to my ears."

I'm an agent of his career in the industry left an excellent reputation. Even during the Asian financial crisis of 1997, he also received loans from Lisboa Duting nearly billion, showing the industry's trust in him.

Discipline eventually thick newspaper. 1999, Lin Bao received the two biggest names in the level of gamblers, one from Guangdong, one from Taiwan, because both are big business, and feel luck is busy to Macau to try their hand . Lin Bao did not think that these two big gamblers even in Lisboa Duting staged a stunning gamble.

He still remembers the evening, the bet is 2 million yuan each, gambling hall in the air as if frozen in general, unusually quiet around the tables, always deadpan dealers are showing a little nervous look. Lose win or lose win , to and fro, the two big gamblers a night transcoding full 27 one hundred million!

After two nights of bloody gamblers, transcoding billions of dollars, Lin Po-ho to take a commission of more than 5,000 yuan, in one fell swoop to establish its own position in the Attorney industry heavyweights.

Risk Pyramid

Lin Bao still remember the first time when the Asian entertainment industry for many years the secret operation mechanism is disclosed, to help a famous investment bank listed on the United States, after careful investigation can not help but exclaim: Asia Entertainment risk control system, as much as any a financial credit institution!

Even so, until the third day of the exchange with reporters, Lin Po finally willing to disclose the operation of the law of some media circles.

Betting agency control exactly how bad risk? This is the biggest question reporters.

In 2002, Lin Bao, Huang Han Liang Shuo Hung right and five people together to win a betting hall, co-founded the Asian entertainment betting agency. With the position in the industry, five people pre-loaded, before they learn to follow the younger agents have gathered from , has grown to employ 1,000.

Lin Bao told reporters: "Macau This place is small, very strong human touch, it stresses the moral arena." Agent of Asian entertainment, there are a lot of people are relying on the help and Huang Han Lin Bao started right started going to row, they did not have enough capital. , with the relationship between the two men find Lin Huang: "? Po brother, right brother, can you lend me 500,000 yuan," as long as the other character, and do not stick gambling, Lin Huang two most readily agreed to this without any collateral borrowing.

Now these younger, some had a net worth of billions of dollars, but when you see the forest for two yellow, but will respectfully call out "boss", "Big Brother." In addition to the usual business, the younger generation are also frequently invited several "boss "Together tea, tourism. This long years of human relations, in addition to commercial interests, the Asian entertainment and agents closely linked.

However, the brothers out afterwards. Asian entertainment from bookmakers to take up the number of transcoding commission of 1.25%, from 0.55 to 0.95 percent then down to the unequal distribution of benefits to the agent, the difference between them to earn their own actual , this is a complete risk control system -

If the agent from the dig cash Duting Asian entertainment does not have to spend capital funds, but will not have any financial risk, earn a sum equivalent to not lose the sale, then Asia Entertainment provides a higher proportion than the 0.95 percent to the agency people.

Some senior agent, has a wealth of resources and quality of gamblers, can bring high transcoding number, they not only bear under gamblers air tickets, hotels, and other costs, but also all bear the risk of bad debts. For this case, Asia Entertainment not only to provide loans, also offers 0.95% of the distribution ratio, own earn 0.3%.

And some initial cooperation agents, fewer gamblers resources owned several transcoding can not bring much, they take the form of cooperation with the company, together undertake tickets, hotels, and other costs associated with credit risk. For example, a gambler lost 500,000 yuan became bad debts, entertainment and agents in Asia will each bear half of the funds. In this case, the Asian entertainment will not provide loans, the distribution ratio is also limited to 0.55%.

Moreover, the agent also Asia Entertainment extremely informative assessment, such as the financial situation, reputation of the industry, etc., and accordingly set a different loan amount. Through this rigorous mechanism, the risk of bad debts Asia Entertainment dispersed to the various agents who , agents and gamblers will grasp the resources to assess the risk of bad debts will eventually be distributed to a greater number of end customers.

From six betting companies, to more than 100 over betting agency, and then tens of thousands of agents, eventually to countless gamblers in Macau betting industry chain, this extremely strong risk control pyramid, to be more spectacular than any casino hotel building.

When the end of the interview when the reporter, is the third day in the evening, looked out the window from the Star Hotel, across the road is lit Wynn, the right is the towering Grand Lisboa Hotel the night sky, it seems that people have an illusion: put it all piled up, than blunt reinforced brick, but a stack of stack, countless crest flow of money.

Lin Bao said: the next three years, will be in six Asian entertainment betting hotel have got Duting, gamblers hand wind flow in here, you can also go there to try their luck.

Indeed, Macau island does not lack is money and a miracle.

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