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Card Room bookmakers merger Doyles Room

Americas CardRoom (ACR) on behalf of online poker room Doyles Room today announced the acquisition .Americas CardRoom established in 2001, is one of the oldest online poker rooms. Recently, the site re-enter the poker market, we are committed to the acquisition of other companies to the rapid growth of their own, to become the poker market leader.

"We are very optimistic about this on DoylesRoom acquisition activity, which is the first brand extension Americas CardRoom company," Americas CardRoom representative said. "Facts have proved that, DoylesRoom new release of the software has been consistent with the majority of players love, coupled with its recent Distinguished Service to American players, so DoylesRoom at this time is particularly attractive acquisition. "

Including the October Rake Race game $ 50,000, there are now a subsidiary of the Treaty and the existing pro-promotion activities will be very exciting, at the same time, operational activities will consistently After this acquisition, AmericasCardRoom is made the data on the players and its subsidiary, DoylesRoom software and their employees, as well as the player responsible ownership.

"Players and attached information can be guaranteed, players gambling money remaining in the account is absolutely safe and reliable, in addition, AmericasCardRoom DoylesRoom will fulfill all existing agreements." The company representative continued. "As more flexibility is injected into the business operations of which, the players will have the chance to get better protection, more concessions, while it will also be more eager to become AmericasCardRoom team one. "

Since November 1, Americas CardRoom will hold a total prize money of 65,000 dollars RakeRace, and start a new online poker tournament series called "Americas CardRoom Championship super network" (ACROSS) in addition, for the to thank the players, the company also is preparing a rich innovative loyalty programs.

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