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No shuffling event, the BRICS casino owners pay abandoned appeal

According to the United States, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that, for the Atlantic City casino BRIC (Golden Nugget) is not pre-shuffled cards lead to nine ethnic Chinese man on the baccarat tables mad win millions, earlier court judgment obtained customer value Casino executives are extremely unhappy, expect they will appeal on the occasion, the casino boss has suddenly decided to abandon the appeal, are willing to pay in order to remain silent.

Incident occurred on April 30 this year, nine Chinese man on a mini-casino baccarat tables BRIC mad win millions, casino gambling that it was out of thousands of termination, but later found to be not pre-shuffled cards (Presuffling ), that the gambling mistakes, for neither fair, then refused to pay the amount of money lost, while the courts to recover part of the gamblers already cashed winnings.

9 gamblers countered, insist that they are legitimate winnings, the whole process is not wrongful, even if cards are not pre-washed, nor their responsibility, they do not know when the end of the good cards, they have been gambling casino not bad loser.

However, casino party emphasized that no pre-shuffling admit mistakes is a casino, but it obviously is not fair betting, rather than simply luck gambling winnings batch of customers are mad at this premise.

However, the earlier judge hearing the case ruled that there was no evidence of illegal gamblers have held, the shuffle is the responsibility of the casino, these gamblers just use them to get the cards winning, therefore ruling gamblers have value, Winnings deserve the money.

According to statistics, the casino lost a total of 1.5367 million yuan, gamblers will go for chips 558,900 yuan, 977,800 yuan in addition has not been converted into cash, the casino had been seized.

Casino executives were present as observers were unhappy with the award, and vowed an appeal in the end, but, unexpectedly, the big boss of the casino, the Texas millionaire Tilman Fertitta said that will not appeal, and are willing to pay up, but this single lawsuit He said, "Daozi saw tree" is the dream of all gamblers, although the casino can continue the appeal to go through legal channels, but both non-good thing, because the casino so guests oriented business.

Fertitta said to be recovered, the manufacturer is not in accordance with the rules of poker shuffle in advance, but this is the casino own problems, regardless of the gamblers. As this decision Fertitta finally can make gamblers relieved You can immediately retrieve the money to win, but is also their justice.

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