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Macau's betting industry, the "magician" (a)

Macau betting industry has long been known to the world as early as in 2006, Macau betting revenue had more than 6.5 billion US dollars in one fell swoop than Las Vegas, but the latest data show that in 2010 Macau betting revenues torn over 23.5 billion US dollars, reaching four times in Las Vegas.

Cao side: who earn money to go gambler depth Quest Macau betting?

SJM agency in July 2010, a company called "Asian entertainment", strong landing Nasdaq Stock Market, then, in just five days in the same year on October 28 after redemption of warrants, the share price Multi soared from $ 5 to over 10 US dollars, becoming the capital market horse eye-catching horse.

In fact, the Macau betting already were moving world, back in 2006, Macau betting revenue had more than 6.5 billion US dollars in one fell swoop than Las Vegas, but the latest data show that in 2010 Macau betting revenue was torn over 235 billion US dollars, up to four times in Las Vegas!

However, what is betting agency? They actually played in the Macau betting industry chain What role?

All along, because industry-specific, SJM agency has been secretive and low-key, except this time for the United States market, Asian entertainment brave leap, breaking the unspoken rules of the industry, disclosed circle mechanism.

January 2011, reporters went to Macau, 72 hours Watch "Asian entertainment." Perhaps, close observation of a black horse, will be able to swing clear of fog, insight into the internal mechanism of the Macau betting industry, find out the whole of the Macau betting industry chain, Macau miracle to find inner answers.

Two kinds of chips

January 4, 2011 evening, Macau Nam Van Lake, Avenida da Amizade. Surrounded by buildings of the betting hotel nestled in the night, shines with brilliant luster and charm this time mixed with moist sea breeze blowing some strange scent face, more people a sense of excitement and emotion - this is indeed a land of miracles, and anyone would like big spenders, and anyone would like a stroke of pride.

Interview Location set in the Star Casino. Reporters climb the stairs, the second floor is the betting hall, I saw the dotted furnished with slot machines, slot machines and various card tables in the hall, the entire gathering place already bustling, surrounded by tables full the concentrate, gamblers look different. This betting hall is the industry known as the "midfield" Laizheliwan gamblers generally 10,000 to 100,000 yuan level. In Macau, popular full midfield though, but its only the total betting revenue contributed about 30% share. So in addition to about 70% of the share come from?

Continue up the upstairs hall betting such as the distribution of "Guangdong-off", "Poker King" and other small casino style rooms, which are non-disabled into the "Duting." These are all Duting luxurious decoration, layout privacy , which only play a card gambling games - Baccarat, the player is at least one million yuan level, there are big players even with a billion dollars of gambling money.

Compared to the hubbub betting hall, where the atmosphere is extremely serious and dignified. Dealer all face expressionless, the licensing of hand as machinery in general, and gamblers both are nerves fact is a simple open cards than luck the game, totally selfless gamblers but like the original flat cards slowly roll open, so a little bit of poker points exposed, as if the process can change the established winners and losers.

Macau's six betting companies (hotels), so a total of more than 100 VIP hall, which big brother big spenders level gamblers, propped up Macau betting revenue 70%, can be described as the core of the Macau betting industry.

Las Vegas is the same, Macau betting hotel midfielder is managed by the hotel. As for the larger size of funds involved in the betting hall, in Las Vegas is a hotel directly facing the gamblers, Gaming in Macau is handed over to the agency to assist in the operation. "Asia Entertainment" is undoubtedly one of the best.

Finally on the 12th floor to the Star hotel, the "Friends of rights" gambling hall to see reporters, chairman of Asian entertainment company Lin Bao, CEO and COO Huang Han Liang Shuo Hung right together stood up, quite ritually tightened tie, with a mouthful of Guangdong Mandarin pleasantries with reporters.

Not so the reporters seated questions, Liang Shuo Hung proposed must be clearly explained to reporters first bet an important sector terminology - transcoding immediately, Liang went to the gambling table, picked up two distinct shape of the chips to reporters : one slightly larger than the circular coin chips, known as "cash code"; one kind of palm-sized rectangular chips, known as "mud code."

Liang Shuo Hung cleverly hit a metaphor: Cash Code is betting the company issued, equivalent to US dollars; and mud code issued by the bookmakers to each betting agency use, equivalent to other national currencies bookmakers accept cash management midfielder bet code and in assisting in the operation of the betting agency VIP hall, it must first convert cash equivalents code into the mud code, and then the mud yard bets.

Is when the reporter chatted with Hong Liang Shuo, one next to the tables over 20 year-old woman, only hand on the face value of 50,000 yuan lost mud yard. She stood up depressed, frowned, scratched his head, the tables seem to feel this hand-wind flow, then won another pile of chips turned the tables to try their luck.

In the VIP room, the operating mechanism of the two chips is: gamblers can wager with mud code, enter the mud yards, but to win back the cash code is final no matter win or lose, the code will be less and less mud. , gamblers to continue playing, you have to come back with a win cash code to redeem accountant mud code. Code Change in cash mud yards, is the industry called "transcoding."

Reporters puzzled, while changing the past, while in return, Macao unique transcoding system is not very trouble?

In fact, in Las Vegas, gamblers who mostly prefer to use cash to dealers for cash code directly on the tables, the casino also eliminates the need to increase the cost of a set of chips, both sides save more. But this save, will bring inevitable fatal flaw.

Whether Las Vegas or Macau, Jiacaiwanguan not as high-end gamblers bet in that piece, carrying several boxes of cash to travel long distances to come to the casino. The general rule is that gamblers in the casino to obtain certain credit, then finished after winning or losing bet how much settlement.

In Las Vegas, betting hotel directly facing the gamblers, all focused on the risk of bad debts betting hotel body, a financial crisis, the betting hotel will face great financial pressure, while in Macau's betting hotel by transfer Duting the share of bad debt risk to each betting agency body, greatly reducing the risk.

20 years ago, Macau's betting companies try to implement once the Las Vegas model, directly to end customers and earn greater profits. However, soon found himself unable to parry gamblers coming and going, so that surge in bad debts. eventually invited back to the betting agency.

This is the betting agency exists. So, in a Macau casino hotel usually has more than Duting were run by different betting agency, different betting agency issuing different mud code, gamblers every turn code means business Duting betting agency where betting and hotel completed a settlement. In fact, an important feature is that these mud codes are betting agency financial settlement with betting hotel voucher.

So, exactly how betting agency hotel, midfielder, Duting and gamblers in series, and the chain operation was seamless, methodical?

Win or lose?

The next day, the Asian entertainment chairman Lin Bao took a reporter, visited the Asian entertainment in the Star, MGM and the Venetian hotel has three big betting hall.

Although the code is simply a piece of clay marked with the amount of plastic cards, but it is like a needle anesthetic, on the senses so that gamblers feel, losing 50,000 yards of mud is much more than losing 50,000 cash feel better, and then let gambling others sell off their atmosphere. It's like people use bank card spending more money do not feel bad. So in Macao, more than 100 if Duting attract more than 100 machines, all the time sucked into countless money , continue to flow to SJM, Wynn, Sands and interstellar betting hotels and other six companies and more than 50 betting agency.

Asian Entertainment's three major Duting monthly transcoding has exceeded 10 billion Hong Kong dollars. In the Transcoding behind this staggering amount of money, and between betting agencies and betting hotel, what kind of interest there?

While "visiting" Duting, while Lin Bao told reporters: between the agency and the hotel, there are two kinds of benefit distribution mechanism, one profit and loss sharing, and second, a fixed commission.

Prior to 2007, the prevailing profit and loss into a mechanism that agency and hotel share winners and losers on the tables if gamblers lose money, then both sides together to make money; if gamblers winning, then the loss of the two sides together.

In fact, statistically casino to try your luck at the casino is. Little is known, according to the validity period of 24 months statistics, gamblers playing baccarat profitability maintained at 3%. However, again Niubi bet passengers can not be 24 months non-stop casino play to go with it, by virtue of gamblers, just two words - luck This ensures the long-term, profitable into the mechanism.

But luck this thing is anyone's guess. In divided mechanism, if a sudden kill a big player, betting agency will immediately tense nerves.

Lin Bao smile once Asia Entertainment received a 15 million yuan of big gamblers. On side tables, big gamblers invest heavily, bold bet, there's office, he had anxious, constantly It requires men time telephone communications on the tables of winning or losing the case, for fear of the gamblers betting heavily, if lucky one to win money, own big loss.

We invite gamblers to race on one side, while secretly hope that they lose money, in the divided mechanism, betting agencies although this mentality for commercial interests, but also is too dark.

Until 2007, the City of Dreams and the Venetian casino two hotels have opened, bringing a new benefit distribution mechanism - namely a fixed commission, no matter win or lose as long as transcoding, betting agencies can get 1.25% commission.

As a result, betting agencies can not only get rid of the previous dark psychological, larger size of funds received more gamblers. It is through the new trends in this industry, Lin Po-led Asia Entertainment will target customers, from low-end gamblers strategic shift to high-end gamblers. Sure enough, the 2008 financial crisis a sharp decline in the number of low-end gamblers, while the high-end gamblers not been much affected, Asian entertainment performance steadily.

Currently, Asia's entertainment and interplanetary and Venetians 1.25% commission mechanism, accounting for 85% of total revenue, to ensure the stability performance of listed companies; and with the United States uses 43 percent of MGM into the mechanism, you can bet a lot of time and Bo Bo off their winning or losing.

While profit-sharing mechanism is slightly higher than the commission mechanism, but for Asian entertainment such listed companies, prefer stable income commission mechanism, Lin Bao quipped: "You can not tell investors, bad luck this month lost the bet, I'm sorry. "

However, although the performance is stable, betting agency's core competitiveness, or the ability to attract gamblers. After the listing, Lin Bao received an invitation to a lot of betting hoteliers Duting In the eyes of a casino hotel, Which agent to run and Duting is not important, the most important is the gambler who brings transcoding generated the highest number.

At this time the reporter also generates another question, what attracts gamblers Asian entertainment from around the world through what way?

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