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Dongguan, Macau betting continues to escalate anti-vice boon

According Finet reported last week the mainland speculation most "live" news should be the Dongguan anti-vice, if the government is really determined to beat Shen Dongguan porn industry, in fact, has spread far and wide. Market even spread joke will thus drive network video chat services, Tencent also therefore be included in the ranks of the benefit. In fact, if it continues to "brag" Ho gambling stocks are beneficiary of all-cause Macau Betting Rio Tinto entertainment industry in recent years the concept of the extension of the more extensive off road, Dongguan, such as being sunk, but also more tourists all the way.

Of course, this is just a joke, but a comprehensive betting business in Macau but also real shape, just "count" Cotai project think "can not be underestimated." Future whether Ho gambling stocks have room to rise? Sing short absolute It is larger than the risk sing.

SJM Cotai project announced last week that "the Lisboa" officially started, is expected to be completed in 2017, with a total construction cost of about 30 billion yuan. So far six gambling licenses in Macau holders have all in Cotai "flags" , the creation of the project includes several non-betting elements. Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho "four too," Angela Leong said that the future will be to build a theme park and a diversified hotel, home as the target customer segments.

"Four too" mentioned family transition direction reflects off the Macau gambling industry. With nearly two years to Macau consumption, as well as to Casino Flutter cheer proportion rising middle class passenger, midfielder income has risen, it will definitely affect the overall betting revenue growth. Market generally believes that expect betting revenue continued to record high growth impractical. Thus on the basis of need in the betting business development of an integrated entertainment business, the Macau betting industry from the traditional, progress to a set of elements such as entertainment and MICE tourism city.

First, regardless of the neighboring Hengqin Zhuhai, Macao Cotai least has already begun to take an integrated entertainment resort posture. Around the major gambling giant layout in Cotai Sands Cotai in existing Venetian Macao and Sands Cotai Central ﹑ The Plaza Macao three projects have a hotel project .3 MICE facilities ﹑ ﹑ retail space, as well as betting facilities. The number of hotel rooms reached 8,924 rooms. Last year, customers benefit from the three hotels totaling $ 511 million, according to an increase of 46.98%. In addition, Sands is building new projects in Cotai Macau Parisians expected to provide 3,000 rooms, the number of betting tables about 350-450, investment of about $ 2.7 billion.

While the Lisboa SJM Holdings, is expected to enable in 2017. The project has room for about 2,000 room hotel offers Michelin restaurants ﹑ theme shopping center and multi-purpose theaters and other non-betting facilities in the future will hold Angela Leong There ﹑ located land development project south of theme parks and other non-betting facilities.

As for the hotel in the local project called Wynn Macau Wynn Palace, along with land and other costs of $ 4 billion total, we plan to open in the first half of 2016. Wynn Palace will feature 1,700-room performances Lake ﹑ ﹑ meeting space and a spa and other non-betting project.

Galaxy Entertainment, after the Galaxy Cotai first project phase opening of its performance in real time rising rapidly. Galaxy two investment amounted to 19.6 billion yuan, the original plan in the next year opened a few days ago it has been reported that the company will be completed in advance and Opened in the year. According to announcement stated that two Galaxy has 200 stores, and 3,600 hotel rooms. Meanwhile, the company also invested 500 to 60,000,000,000 yuan Development Galaxy 3 ﹑ four, which accounted for 95% of non-betting amenities, including offers 10,000-seat multi-purpose entertainment and sports venue can accommodate 5,000 people ﹑ conference center, as well as provide an additional 5,500 hotel rooms and suites.

MGM China's Cotai project has been appointed prime contractor in the last year, the project has 500 betting tables, 2,500 slot machines, 1,600 hotel rooms, investment of $ 2 billion is reported that the project's non-betting GFA activities accounted for 85%.

Melco Crown in Cotai City of Dreams, there has been in operation, Melco Movies exchange will be completed in 2015. City of Dreams has 1,400 hotel rooms, and has more than 20 restaurants and 70 shops. But also It features a water extravaganza theater, about 2,000 seats, between the well-known water dance performances from 2010 onwards in the theater.

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