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Monte Carlo officially withdraw from the Chinese market

Dear members of Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo since its opening, has won the love and trust of the players, many players all the way to grow and Monte witness each other's brilliant achievements in this Monte Carlo Asian Operations staff to all players bowed low, say "thank you"!

Due to business strategy adjustments, Monte Carlo is dismay we would like to say "goodbye", and in Beijing at 12:00 on November 21 2011 to stop Chinese mainland players all game service from Beijing on November 21 12:00 to at 23:59 on November 30 only, for the players to provide teller services, a variety of discounted settlement services, and all other outstanding issues.

We are committed to doing all the follow-up work, not to live up to the years of love and support!

Monte Carlo Asian Operations wish all Chinese mainland players: all wishes come true, good luck, plenty of money!

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