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Everest Poker parent company GigaMedia Ltd. third-quarter loss

Asian online gambling software publishers and GigaMedia Ltd. fell 12 percent compared to $ 7.8 million the same quarter in the third quarter revenue, resulting in a net loss of $ 3.9 million core.

Everest Gaming Everest Gaming and GigaMedia holds a 40% stake - reported a total income of $ 12.4 million (9.2 million from poker), deposit 111,000 active members, 27,000 members of the new deposit, however, the company this quarter net Everest Gaming. loss of 14 million, of which $ 5.6 million must be out of their pocket and a letter by the hypermedia.

CEO Yichin Lee blamed the downturn in the casual games customers a low level of activity, and intense competition in the company's weakness is obvious: our products are not the breadth or depth of our business units operating efficiency is not high, if the company wants to avoid being Nasdaq delisting, Lee cited the restructuring measures need to be taken, which is a continuous online gambling giant will shift from PC to mobile devices.

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