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Melco into the Philippines? Genting Hong Kong have been "foresight"!

Before talking about Melco Crown Entertainment plans to develop a casino in the Philippines, while the other listed companies in Hong Kong Genting Hong Kong has long been involved in the gambling industry in the Philippines market. Its RWM (Resorts World Manila) Opened in 2010, its first year revenue has reached 3.55 one hundred million US dollars in the first half of this year, the Philippines, Hong Kong Genting casino business brings a profit of $ 20.3 million, representing the Group first half net profit (US $ 3,803 million) of 53%. Group is currently the world continues to grow RWM leisure and entertainment facilities, including the construction of additional luxury hotels and the construction of a convention and exhibition center.

With respect to Macau, the Philippines and gambling industry market has certain advantages, the first is very strong internal demand. It turned out that Filipinos are fond of high-odds betting games such as slot machines, and for casinos, betting odds for the game than the gross margin actually bet Taiwan game is high.

On the other hand, the Philippines has an excellent location, from North Asia such as China, Japan and South Korea to the Philippines, are just a few hours the aircraft, while the more important point is that in addition to the Macau gambling industry companies to pay 40% of the betting duty , will levy a 12% profits tax, while in the Philippines, midfielder betting tax rate of only 25%, while the lounge with betting tax rate to 15 percent lower, to attract foreign gamble big customer.

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