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July 2013 Macau's betting revenues were not hit, MGM Sands market share increased

Barclays Capital published research reports that, despite the recent tight mainland banking system funds and a further slowdown in economic growth, but Macau betting revenues in the first seven days of this month (GGR) growth has not yet hit this month, the daily average of the first on the 7th GGR 9.19 billion, compared with figures in June rose 4.5 percent, with similar levels in May.

The line refers to July of the VIP betting amount and midfield (Mass) income remains strong. Even though "seven. A" holiday last week's data has a mild boost, but the bank that the data reflect not weaken gambling mood.

Barclays continued finger, above the daily revenues reflect the entire month of July GGR up to 28.5 billion yuan, an annual increase of 25%, while the bank is expected this month will GGR rose 20 percent, the moderate growth of 3% on a monthly basis.

The bank believes that economic growth in the Mainland slow down or have a negative impact on the VIP gambling mood, but do not expect a sharp slowdown in revenue; revenue is expected to remain strong midfield.

Declaration for cross-border capital plan discussed recently in Macau, the bank means if implemented, or have a negative impact on revenue midfield, but believe the beginning of this year the opening of the Guangzhou - Zhuhai railway and upgrading transit traffic would midfielder income support.

Market share, MGM's share continued to increase to 11.6 percent last week, to 10.7% in the previous month; GEG market share of 19.3%, similar to the previous month; Wynn's market share is 10.2 last month % fell further to 9.7% last week; 20 percent from last month's Golden Sands improved to 21.4% last week; SJM is roughly flat last week, 25.2%; Melco Group's share of 14.4% in the last month, Continued fell 12.8 percent last week.

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