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Lottery alone in the company 750 million yuan of lottery money payment even temporarily

Lottery grand prize, the lottery company actually can not afford it? Do not be surprised, it is true. Recently, the "Euro Millions" broke the € 188 million grand prize (about 1.5 billion yuan), by Irish and Belgian Lottery equally, however, Ireland has announced the winner of the national lottery agency and not to accept the award, because there is not enough money to pay for him. In this regard, officials said is not surprising, he explained that until next week, all the countries involved in Euro Millions lottery only the respective bets will go inside the Irish National Lottery account.

Irish Lottery jackpot department temporarily unable to pay

Ireland mysterious 94 million euros (about 750 million yuan) winner Do not expect to receive his bonus until next week, because the Irish national lottery agency does not have enough money to pay for him. Identity of the winner's also been a fan ʱ??

Time to go to work until Thursday to give EuroMillions prize winners in Tuesday still does not appear in the Dublin located in the headquarters of the National Lottery.

Although the Irish National Lottery ahead of next week's bank account there is not enough money, but local officials believe that the lottery is not surprising, because only until next week, all the countries involved in Euro Millions lottery will be transferred to their respective bets to account inside Irish National Lottery.

The country had 115 million euros out

The Euro Millions prize out of a total of 188 million euros, was the Lottery from Belgium and Ireland equally. Ireland was the jackpot can be routed. The first prize in the history of the country will have to be traced back to second place in 2005 at the time, Dolores McNamara selected EuroMillions winning numbers, lucky in was 115 million euros (US $ 900 million 17.57 million yuan). At that time, she was a cleaner, but also 6 a mother, living in poverty; and now, she has been wealthy, no longer tired of life.

Since there is no Duijiang, the winner will lose potential interest € 3,450 per day. But this is a drop in the bucket, once all the money he deposited in the bank, the interest alone each year there will be 1.26 million euros, but this is after tax.

The identity of the winner is still unknown

About winners shelter rumors abounded, most of them thought he lived in Beaumont, or Blanchard town north of Dublin. While the National Lottery officials still refused to disclose specifically where the winning ticket purchase, but they also acknowledged that in the Great Berlin somewhere in the region.

A female Lottery spokesman said: "We are proposing to the lottery winners and marked and placed in a safe place." When the winner of the final payment of the prize, they will receive the "Winner advice" brochure and DVD, which which includes a number of recommendations on how to deal with security and charities, and so on.

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