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Macau betting pattern reshaping the world

Foreign media said the vast majority of people still believe the United States is rooted in the Las Vegas betting industry. But they'd be wrong. Center betting world has crossed 16 time zones to migrate to the southern tip of a small promontory in East Asia.

Associated Press July 6 reported that Macau is the only legitimate Chinese gambling place. Each month, over two million visitors poured into this dazzling city. Only the first two months of 2013 the total number of inbound tourists to Macao more than 4.6 million. Most of tourists choose to hung neon casino luck, these casinos have more money than the nation's betting industry. Chinese upstart surge while sipping tea while playing Baccarat and tone down the talk.

It reported that Macau is now supporting the nation's largest four casinos in three: Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts Ltd. and MGM International Hotel Group, which weathered the recession, thanks to this Betting appetite areas in the region, the concept of luck and fate have been integrated into cultures, for betting nor religious taboos.

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson said:. "Gambling is subject to supply-driven, like the movie" Field of Dreams "puts it:" As long built up, they will come . "I believe it." Adelson's company because of bribery and collusion between Mr Macao Chinese underworld investigation.

Reported that in 1999 China Macao from Portugal to recover sovereignty and abolished lasted a long time betting monopoly system, the US company into the Macau betting market. Since then, this has been accomplished behind the gorgeous, 2012 In its gambling revenue rose to $ 38 billion, is (the two major US Casino) in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the sum of several times.

Wynn Resorts Ltd. is now three-quarters of the profits from Macau. Steve Wen said its chief executive officer in 2010, he might give up its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas will be moved to China, which aroused People slight indignation.

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