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Macao female dealer embezzlement, repeatedly stealing chips eventually captured

An entry for one year female dealers suspected of stealing chips several times during the work, eventually control department found that the Judiciary Police reportedly launched an investigation, the suspect stole again last night when four denominations of 10,000 yuan chips was captured, the Secretary Police suspect the estimated total of 500,000 yuan stolen.

Arrested suspect surnamed Mak, female, age 42, a casino in New Port dealers serving 1 year.The day before yesterday afternoon, the casino surveillance unit checked the CCTV clip, found wheat woman several times during baccarat betting table when the value of a suspicious move, doubt someone stole chips, it was made in the field of Eucalyptus Division alert.Judiciary Police reportedly spy suspect, to 22:00, and then found stealing four million chips when the suspect duty, officers see the time is ripe, then approached the suspect away for further inquiries on the spot in their waist Inter seized related chips.After questioning, wheat woman admitted from the beginning of July this year as eucalyptus, a total of 500,000 yuan stolen, in addition to the 300,000 stolen money deposited in bank accounts, but to the rest of the stolen money used to invest in stocks.Division of Police will fall eucalyptus charged with embezzlement on the official, eucalyptus transferred to the Public Prosecutions.

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