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Las Vegas betting company third-party operators to help absorb customer

A long time, the Las Vegas betting company owner operators include a nightclub, a restaurant, a pool bar and many other assets.

With the changing times, now affiliated retail stores in Las Vegas betting area within the company, club, sports betting sites, and restaurants are all leased to third party operators.

Vice president of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, William Sahara Hotel Management School in charge of scientific research, graduate and international projects Tony Henthorne said: "Third-party betting operators are changing the business model, they can help managers focus Betting energy concentrating on betting. "

Henthorne also said that most of the betting operators are "smart." Them by reducing the control of the entire betting resort, in exchange for greater profits. Clubs, restaurants and other facilities in the carrier business, its total revenue and almost Betting revenue flat.

Recently, costing $ 3.9 billion to build the Las Vegas World Resort, we are hiring chefs screen, especially not in the creation of the famous Las Vegas Strip chef. Meanwhile, the company plans three new resorts House P3 operated by third party operators nine-run restaurant.

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