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Guam Casino: "Greyhounds" Gambling of livelihood

If you talk about the world-famous casino, blurted out must be in Las Vegas, Macau, Monte Carlo. But even experienced players may not know Guam casino, not to mention the Guam casino of livelihood. " Greyhounds "betting the Guam Guam Greyhound is the only casino games.

Guam Greyhound SanAntonioRoad field located north of Guam, is one of the nightly entertainment project Guam Visitors standing on the bleachers, feeling the fresh sea breeze blowing in the distance, watching the field fierce greyhound racing experience small gamble stimulating experience, came to Guam, really do not have a style.

Dog racing night seven forty-five opened, eleven forty-five closed, except Mondays, open six days a week. Fourteen games greyhound racing every night, every game interval of ten minutes, every eight games, each dog one night just a game. Before betting, gamblers can refer to the greyhound dogs provided by the venue, including expert advice, as well as the health of the dog's previous game record, this section are There are Chinese control. The stadium bet control method only English and Japanese, but also set up a Chinese consultancy window.

Guam Greyhound farm raised a total 700 Greyhound. Greyhound, also known as Gorey hound, one of the fastest land speed mammals. It is a slender body, good at running, gentle, easy to train, robust four, deep chest and streamlined shape makes it a speed of up to 72 km / h.

While Greyhound speed is very fast, but they are not a good move for dogs, they are sprinter. They love to run, but after leaving the track they do not require much exercise, they are mostly quiet, gentle animals.

Greyhound race of these games is about four to five years of age, generally after this golden age, their physical strength to keep up with the pace of the match. Greyhound retirement will greyhound adoption by the local conservation organization.

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