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Macau casino gambling is planned to expand to the next city

There has always been the "Oriental Las Vegas," said the Macau intends to further expand its Betting Industry, will be completed in 2017, eight large Casino, To secure their gambling capital of the world-class status.

Macau casino gamblers

Macao's betting industry booming development, is now more ready to gain another victory, until 2017 the completion of eight new casino. The new casino will be built on the Cotai Strip, while Galaxy Entertainment Group (Galaxy) and Melco Crown Entertainment ( Melco) will be the big winner The expansion of the US banking group Wells Fargo is estimated to be second expansion will bring to Macao more than double in four years, the current Gambling Income. Cotai reclaimed land located between Taipa and Coloane, the new development area of ​​Las Vegas in the United States as a reference to the casino as the center, and the construction of a large number of hotels, shopping malls and Playground Which is supporting.


US billionaire Adelson (Sheldon Adelson) Las Vegas Sands (Sands) for the development of the betting industry pioneer in Cotai. Adelson in 2007 established the Venetian Macao casino in the area, and Group's last construction project will be completed in 2015. In contrast, the Galaxy and Melco's business in the region has only just begun. The two companies will be the second phase of expansion plans Macau casino kick, completed in 2015 two new casinos. our competitors MGM and Wynn Macau is also prepared in a relatively late stage in Cotai casino, but has lost the time advantage.

Sands main 席阿德尔森

Sands main 席阿德尔森

Galaxy Entertainment real estate sector in Hong Kong and owned by Lui dragon, he also has the most Cotai land after the 2015 opening of a new casino, and half of the land can be used for the construction industry. On the contrary, Sands, "Le Parisien" building in the same year Upon completion, the exhaustion of their land in the area.

Specializing in the betting industry trends, Standard Chartered Bank analysts Tooker (Philip Tulk) refers Sands until next year in the area still has the advantage, but because of competition from under will join and make business change slightly challenging.

Adelson said in an email to Reuters, said the Cotai Strip, built by him, Sands occupied a major position in the region will not have changed, completely ignored the problem of competitors. "I see potential Cotai, which I fill out the land; Sands is the first between the cap in Cotai property company, "he wrote Adelson said Cotai land has no space to let any one. companies, including 6000 hotel rooms Galaxy Entertainment, the construction of more than Cotai Central has.

Reduce income

Sands Macao's Venetian Hotel

Sands Macao's Venetian Hotel

Located in China's southern coastal China in Macau is the only legal gambling can place the past three years among the highest economic growth rate in Macau in the world, Las Vegas betting revenue tripled, Australia and Singapore, the three add up . in 2013, to reach 29 million visitors tour Australia. With the new railway and the bridge is completed in the future, through the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, the number is expected to continue to rise. In addition, with the hotel project coming on stream, Macau 2017 will be able to accommodate more than now twice as many passengers.

Macau's 35 existing casinos in Macau peninsula, but the land area of ​​more than a "Kings" Stanley Ho's SJM Holdings (SJM) all. In order to break this impasse land shortage, the developers decided to fill, in Cotai City flex its muscles. SJM and Sands Macau betting industry both Ao head, the two companies in February advantageous revenue of nearly $ 48 billion, accounting for almost half of Macao's total betting revenue last year, the Sands in Macau 4 Property income Dong brought over all business in Las Vegas. Now the company's share price in 2012 after rising 1 times, also increased by more than six times higher than in 2009 when the public offering.

With competitors business expansion, the shift in the betting industry will occur, the oligarchs will be divided thin profits. Investment firm UOB Kay Hian analyst Victor Yip betting means that he will not talk to the expected stock price performance Compared to previous years, but I believe there will still be steady growth this year.

The Government did not indicate how many can allow casino betting tables in the new "Founding"

The Government did not indicate how many can allow casino betting tables in the new "Founding"

Macau betting industry gradually see mature, wider choice of investment projects, analysts are increasingly cautious judgment. Data provider Thomson Reuters sources said, most analysts remain bullish on the Sands, 25 people has the largest hotel rooms in 22 people recommend Galaxy popularity lesser extent, 26 respondents who had 20 people give a good evaluation. It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy shares rose 350 percent to a total of $ 40 billion since 2011 offering.

However, the market is still part of or factors that affect the prospects for the betting industry there. China's economic growth slowed down or make generous discourage investors, the betting industry in 2020 is also the issue of renewal of the license market to add instability. In addition, the labor market supply in Macao increasingly tense. Macau is a second extension will require 12,600 new dealer three years, but can only provide 700 new people every year Macau, Macau legislation provides that only locals can entry, also because public pressure forced the government adhere to the provisions of the Government has not indicated How much can allow new casino betting tables. "Founding."

Betting makers has been more focus on the development potential in Macau, more instability without affecting their desire to invest Galaxy Vice-Chairman Francis Lui said, "Gambling is a huge plus entertainment business," he says Macau is full of unlimited potential.

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