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How bookmakers Trader Trader Comments: regular betting company resist match-fixing

Trader bookmakers room

Preamble: This article issued to might be many people (of course, including some so-called experts) contempt, but if true you also have in-depth research or actual inspection tour, then perhaps you will agree article in part views, as long as you can identify with even A small part of the view, then, the author's goal is achieved, the author's efforts are not in vain, the purpose of writing this article is neither condoned nor gambling exhort you, he was just telling a fact about the real experience of a trader, you can said his experience is legendary, it can be said of his experience worthless.All articles with a first-person "I" do the protagonist, maybe I is the protagonist of "I", maybe I just posted, but I guarantee that the content of this article is written is absolutely true.Of course, believe it or not !! let the reader judge for yourself now!

First, the so-called transformation manipulator approach is simply nonsense

So many years, from an obsession for football players to grow into a real trader, I really do not know where to start, let me start that sentence from the beginning of the article a little bit of memories, called the number of words is bet your hands, a lot of people in the pursuit of that endless winning, but if you are a veteran player, you will find how to control your hands is the key stakes, following on to repeat what this dish room supervisor The original word for it, that point the way before the first rehearsal.

In fact, the disc housing is not as most people think so mysterious, he has a lot of the following departments, each department has his most immediate supervisor, also known as disk room supervisor, of course, the entire disk room also has a total of responsible person both BOSS.Classification sector can be divided into walking operate, dead plate operation, attack, shipping, of course, go to the following operations and dead disk operations will be divided into specific detail to the league, a disk operating room just walk there are dozens of sites Trader, in the same game, watching the game to go on-site to conduct Trader site, the same game, two traders look site will produce two different ideas manipulator, and a trader to watch at a different time Perhaps his views match will be different, so if you just rely on analysis techniques to analyze Trader Trader thinking, then you really do not inflow.

Whenever I see someone in various forums often lament: Oh, Trader has changed, we have to be careful ah, so, really make people feel funny, he said it seems to be understood Trader, listen to people who thought he was really is a master, do you not know he was not even the most basic common sense Trader still do not understand it, a company has cultivated a trader takes about two months, but the real experienced trader can not just rely on the culture out, but traders need to accumulate long practical experience, in particular to take charge of departments, often having several years of experience Trader will do this position, because he has to simultaneously monitor each dish room to go to Handicap changes, and deal with emergency situations, such as the impact of predators peripheral to the actual experience of my point of view all these years, have not seen what the room will often replace the disc Trader.

Second, with regard to the number of words

I also hope that progressive approach to explain, but sometimes do not know where to start as well, since it is from these words before the dish room supervisor A speaking it, I'll explain in detail what is the number of words, It was understood as the number of words in the hands of the stakes, so there is reasonable distribution stakes in profitable article, but talked about how rational allocation of specific final hands of the stakes of it, each article is a little talked about last point of view, for example, your hands have 10,000 of funds, then you are optimistic about the game would bet 1000, the general feeling of the game would bet 500, it can be said with regard to the article on the current network of many, many such methods are described, but The actual effect is not good.

So I would say that the number of the word and not just allocate the hands stakes so simple to himself in Gaming company Work for so long, for example, the company operating for so many years can do long-term profitability of only a few players only, in fact, that it Why so many people are losing money, it is that everyone understands the truth, the money lost in the water, Makers afraid of you afraid you do not play to win, but you and the dealer will always stand on the position of inequality, because the relationship between water money, right now is to play the odds of probability coin toss some one, as long as the long run 50% winning percentage, your money is a great amount of water figures, I was immediately refuted this view, the theory that man-made to analyze the odds, there are subjective factors, with the toss of the coin there are substantial differences, but Dear friends, have you ever considered the "human nature" This is what?You calculate everything all the time yet to forget the most important human.do not forget Gambling Biggest enemy is not the opponent, but in order to overcome their own !! find true paradise.

A friend will certainly want to know that a few players who are long-term winning it?How so powerful?What is their approach?I can be very responsible to tell you, they are foreign guests, in my experience these years, each betting company (here that only large Asian betting companies), such as a new treasure, Wynn, Sabah, abab, etc., below him there will be some foreign players exist, that is, people often called lo these people stakes usually large, then someone will ask why they want to come play with our Asian betting company?So a number of betting companies in Europe, because the European betting company for any one of the fluence by a player are not great, which is different in Europe and Asia, many European players have supported the team, or for gambling is is purely a form of entertainment, but a lot of Asian players will regard him as a profit model, so large stakes lo list of these usually have to bet big to Asia Online by way of telephone betting, and long-term operator for they are winning, of course, I mean just that a few large stakes lo it, they have their own analysis team, and some even have a small betting companies in Europe's own.

I had the honor once and a lo phone betting exchange views on a bit, this lo has a small betting companies in Europe E countries, analysis of his own team, and in this country have a deep league of contacts, of course, the role of these contacts is that everyone wants to know some of the insider, and his team analyzed the way the game is very simple fact, plainly, but doing it really is not an ordinary player can achieve, his analysis included weather, court conditions, the strength of the team, the team state, each player will read that this analysis is too simple, but it actually does, a team of state is not the player can grasp, if specific to each player the state would be more ordinary players can not understand, but they do not have the key to your profitability, long-term stable profitability is the key to control of the number of words.

A supervisor with plate room or original words to explain what is the number of words: the number of words is actually a combination of the so-called hands you bet Handicap betting odds and probability, still sounds quite easy to understand, for example, by the an ordinary player and lo to bet the same 10 games, requiring bets per game may not be the same but do not differ too much, how can only win five games in the case of profit it?This is the number of key words to use, you can say that this one belongs to fetch water, but unlike kick, then how to control the number of words it??I was in charge of A dish room's original words to answer you: If I can master this control number Ghosts word skills, why should I do it in the company?

Third, the so-called insider and match-fixing

First, I believe that if the first case is China's players are familiar with the match-fixing scandal that 叶泽云 pull, it can be said is typical of match-fixing, and afterward we leaving aside what extent the media hype on him, just to start the race Before I ask the players, few really understand exactly what the time of the exact message, perhaps only a few Asian betting company was shut early disc that makes some of the players on this tournament doubt it.

But in fact I want to tell you is that in fact, this really is not a regular match-fixing gambling company needs in Asia, South East Asia real network such as a new treasure, Wynn, together right, Samsung these large network Instead, they are the most resist this match-fixing, because they really are in equilibrium water level earn money I say some sweeping, of course, even if these large network is not entirely resist match-fixing, but the situation does not resist such a match-fixing is a special case, I'll put behind talk, then this occurs from the media after the match-fixing scandal indeed rendered a little too exaggerated, this case in the end it is only a few of us become a staple of jokes competent disk room to talk, but eventually made Yemou summarizes the purpose of this match-fixing scandal, a total of two points: First create a sensation, the second is disruptive Eurasian betting community.Why do you say, first of all as long as you are fully aware of people in the industry, the largest gambling but not by injection to where the league held a very successful European in the world, but in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, and was the first to issue a betting amount is too Great alarm signal is local Belgian betting companies, the betting company that is consistent fluence is small, so thousands of pounds really inflicting a certain impact, but if you put thousands of pounds put into the Asian market, it really The drop in the bucket, do not cause a stir, I worked on a few years of experience and the fact that experience of view, betting a few one million yuan is simply a small number of members on the use of just a few million to tens of millions betting on a I have personally experienced the game, so this practice Yemou addition to the above two objectives are substantially absent other factors, he was fixing to do if you really want to earn money, then can the note singles to the Asian market, the fact is that as long as you have the strength, how much a single injection in the Asian market there are people who dare to take the.If his purpose in this case, then a first object he has reached really caused quite a stir, but a second purpose is clear that he is a failure, the order of the Eurasian betting community how he could be so easily break it, the result is still the European company is still small bets, while Asian companies are still not refuse to accept big orders.

Here's the actual game a recent talk about the so-called insider, if I remember correctly, it should take place in a few weeks ago by the Derby County Championship match at home against West Bromwich Albion (and possibly ban disabilities Lee), due to daily contact with numerous Handicap, my memory does have some confusion, but generally the game should be all wrong because the visiting team the lead but the home team scored in the second half to tie the go-ahead, so remember also normal, below I would say it is the so-called insider game, the first half behind the home team, of course, then did not have much to say, to break about five minutes when suddenly the news that came from the United Kingdom, Derbyshire coach a heart attack , the current squad is very confusing Derbyshire, Derbyshire will give up the game in the second half is estimated, so the company in charge of internal disk rooms unanimous decision after careful study, at which time the water level was a subtle change, is to put a little water on the plate Derbyshire It raised several points, usually in the intermission, when, if the senior players should will notice, so the water level handicap is usually not change much, but the company raised these points is enough more than enough to attract the Betting pull, some people would say how could a mere few points, I will explain this later, but after less than 10 minutes, and from the British suddenly came news that the coach will remain in Derbyshire Conducting Competition in the field, to know that we in Europe also has a deep network of people, the accuracy of this news is absolutely a hundred percent, so if this is the case, and results will be very different, and At the same time I had mentioned in a previous telephone betting lo situation to focus on the heart of water go over 1000 A of Derbyshire, it seems that he has got the message and make a judgment, so the company to take urgent measures to Derbyshire lower than other companies to draw down the water level under the Betting amount, while the lo bets were shipped, of course, in the second half begins disk house live also proved this point, Derbyshire coach remained in the field, and stop command to the sidelines, while the second half with the first half performance Derbyshire different, frequently visiting team stormed the gates were finally tie the go-ahead.What I am saying is that this game is certainly not the match-fixing, but if you are a player, but also to get this message, then I think you certainly have to make the right judgment results of the competition, so you can say that in fact the news is the legendary insider, because how this secondary league intermission things happened in the locker room could be a normal player can immediately grasp of it, in fact, most of the so-called insider is such an accurate The news may cause a deep impact on the outcome of a game, the fact is that if you are a Derbyshire player, your coach sick in the field insist command, you will give up the game it??

The third game I think he should neither insider nor pull the match-fixing, says the reason is because even the entire disk rooms are also difficult to judge what kind of game it should belong to, precisely because of this, here I will take letters instead of the league and the team's name to pull in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, first of all say that some of the way, is about lo, in front lo I have said these tend to have their own team of analysts, some and even a betting company owner, they have a very strong network of contacts in Europe, it is possible to know in advance more than just the team before the game some of the exact message, when it comes to the last paragraph of this lo is such that he A country in Europe It features a betting company, but has his own analysis of the following team, and since 1999 began to develop the Asian plate, he would cooperate with the company at that time until now, his winning percentage is about 58%, if I just say 58 % of winning is simply too many people will feel, but a friend, if I say to another set of numbers, then you will definitely admire him, from 1999 to the present, his total bets in several hundred million, net profit of about In about 5 billion, and he averaged Note single bet of $ 1.5 million, that is to say, within seven, eight years, he bet a total of about 20,000 Bet bets, and long-term stability maintaining profitable every month, so the number you feel can Pale Ba, within a month or a few months if it is time to hold 60% or more of the winning I think is actually very easy to achieve, because the author did not really speak Before the disc, 6 pass in a string of 1 or more numerous, but if the long-term to maintain 58% of winning so many races and betting, then so far I have not seen a few people can, and this is verified the gambling industry Again, you are not afraid to win, afraid you do not play.Now I will say what lo betting case of the third game, the game happened a few months ago, when the National League A, the B team at home against the C team, B team also considered a strong team, and But his performance in the national league was not very good, but then the odds are half a game, there are some companies open to a ball, when the game has not yet started lo focus on the heart of water a B team 2000A, which On this lo betting history we have never had, because after all when the C team performance is very good, and fly off on the C team will be more, companies do not make more adjustments as long as the B team can win lose money, but because it is the first time I saw such a huge drop fly, the company granted and lo on the phone, of course, as long as this lo telephone betting game in the company of more than 1000A if companies usually ask him the reasons, and each lo are also happy to share their news and company, but the reason for this is very strange lo, he is very optimistic about the home team, the home team going to win, in fact, that the so substantially equal to not say anything, if The home team did not win, then it is why he has voted 2000A?So the company has taken such a strategy, still draw the footwall bets while lo bets were shipped, the race began, from the point of view on the scene did not see the home team advantage, and lower plate bets still hot probably a lot of players are looking at the scene of the reason, because if only from the point of view of the game scene is very likely to lose the home side dish, but in the race has just begun lo additional bet again 1000A to the home team, the company naturally accepted then shipments, and the scene is still very boring very boring kind of thing can not see the home team have Win's possible, and if the company will lose the away team once Win heavy, after all, has absorbed much of the footwall to fly off, but in the Race to 20 minutes when the home team captured the visiting defense to score a tiny flaw, then lo chase a hand again the home team 1000A, which means that once the visiting team to tie the game, lo, he will lose nearly a half earnings, and then follow the trend of other companies opening, our company will also go to the Handicap-based team to Pingban, because look at the scene leading the home team that shot all purely luck, then 1: 0 End of the game is also normal, but this time the rhythm is still boring, but the visiting team actually occupy a certain advantage, or even to become masters, then fly off the footwall is still a lot of players seem to believe the visiting team a chance to tie the game, but in the within half the next time the home team even with a long-range header made a 3-0 lead, which allows players to footwall of natural complain incessantly, the final outcome of the game ended the home team Win of course, but for such The game really is no way to judge whether belonging to the match-fixing or insider, after all, the home team the ball into mostly luck, then we will be deemed to be a special insider to deal with it, after all, people have deep connections lo, there are some unpredictable sources might get it.

In fact, he said so much, I want to tell is grateful to the players, not to believe that some of the sites to the heart of the so-called water inside it, the real insider information disc housing is not so mysterious, but it will not be leaked, no one believed better to believe in yourself, the so-called heart of water, but also are selling their own analysis of it, but may not win even believe in yourself, maybe you'll win a month for six months, even a year, but it 2 years 3 years?Who can guarantee their own president to win, because everyone ignores the most important of human nature that, 9 10 bet loses his reason exists, and that the only winner if the author's experience from the point of view, there are only two people, one It is lo this category master and the other is fetching water.

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