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Genting Island in the Bahamas located boutique casino, gambling boat supplementary service

Genting Malaysia (GENM, 4715, Board of Trade and service shares) announced the establishment of a casino at Resorts World Bimini included (Resorts World Bimini) in Bahamas (Bahamas) island, in addition, also with the launch of a new ultra high-speed cruise to Bimini.

Genting Malaysia in a statement today announced the launch of an area of ​​750 acres of luxurious beachfront resort --- Resorts World Bimini.

It is reported that this resort has a casino, villas, lodging, restaurants, fishing village, shopping and dining and other facilities, as well as the largest marina in the Bahamas.

Malaysia Genting Chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay and chief executive officer, said: "This new resort will attract many new visitors from the United States and other countries."

Meanwhile, Genting Malaysia in a statement noted that cooperation with developers --- RAV Bahamas Ltd. develop this plan.

The resort is Miami (Miami), less than 50 sea miles or two hours of the trip.

"Incentive" Miami government

In addition, Genting Malaysia also launched a new ultra high-speed Bimini cruise ship 32,000 metric tons of the cruise, the round-trip to Miami and Bimini, stroke twice daily. However, Genting Malaysia did not disclose the above-mentioned destinations and resorts Value of ultra high-speed cruise development plans.

According to the earlier "Miami Herald" (The Miami Herald) reported that the value of the casino resort's feed up to 24 million US dollars (about 76 million ringgit).

In addition, it will be the Bahamas than Minion island's only casino, but also the closest to the coast of the southern United States casinos Florida.

At that time, RHB Research analyst once commented that, for the news was unexpected, because the management never mentioned Genting Bahamas is the company's expansion plans in the region to explore the potential.

However, analysts believe that this is Genting Malaysia "incentive" Miami government approach, urging the legislature to legalize casino, because more than Minion Island very close to South Florida.

It is reported that this is not the first time to the Bahamas Genting business development, as early as 1986, the company will be with the local government in the Freeport (Freeport) joint venture to build Lucayan Beach Resort & Casino.

In any case, since only a small boutique-style casino, analysts do not expect these new casino will have a great impact.

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