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China's first gambling experience it Sanya grand opening

Rumored Mangrove Tree Resort Sanya World Gaming Experience Pack officially opened on September 19, the hotel covers an area of ​​700,000 square meters, a total of 4,500 rooms, the main business is leisure, conference and exhibition, shopping, Holiday complex entertainment, film art which is undoubtedly the most talked about inside the hotel the first domestic betting experience it will be opened today.

"Betting right" not involving cash transactions

Hotel relevant person in charge, mangroves betting experience it was designed by a team from Macau have senior experience in the design, operation and licensing of dealers team mostly from Singapore and Macau name field."Betting right" and the essential difference between a real casino, using the experience of playground sell tickets for admission-run, do not involve cash transactions, regardless of winning or losing can not be exchanged for cash.According to reports, mangroves betting experience it within divided between ordinary experience area and packages, 500 yuan can be purchased 5000 chips admission experience, win or lose does not pay cash, the winner can take the bar of lucky draw prizes just betting experience it consumption points, or hotel vouchers.Reporters learned that in 2013 the hotel will be fully opened the second phase, the second phase will continue to offer an area of ​​30,000 square meters of betting experience it.

CasinoBar not a casino

Jindianjituan chairman Zhang Baoquan previously on the microblogging said its mangroves hotel "CasinoBar will be opened", attracted numerous concerns, but also take the initiative to Zhang Baoquan after deleting the relevant microblogging.Zhang Baoquan said deleting relevant microblogging is to avoid misunderstanding.Zhangbaoquan clarification, Sanya Bay mangroves CasinoBar, not a casino, this has over 2000 square meters of business area of ​​entertainment, is completely designed by the casino "Bar", all equipment and facilities as well as full and casino games are played exactly the same, but the difference is All the winners and losers can not be honored, the property will sell tickets business methods.Zhangbaoquan also said that Sanya Bay mangroves CasinoBar was designed from the beginning of 2009, did not know the policy of opening-scale international tourism island of Hainan, so about designing set aside enough space for development.

Hainan International Tourism Island New Attempt

In early 2010, the State Council issued the "Opinions on promoting international tourism in Hainan Island, construction and development," and "opinions" that will explore the development of Guess sports lottery and large-scale international event that is open lottery in Hainan.According to reports, the so-called "Guess sports lottery and large-scale international event that is open lottery" should be betting with "industry" in nature, such as horse racing related with "Ma Cai".In February, Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree Resort World developers, operators Zhang Baoquan said the planned 30,000 square meters in Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree Resort World "betting right".Analysts believe that "betting experience it," is a positive attempt Hainan resort living experience, for Chinese leisure industry to provide more innovative elements and innovative models.

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