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Latest news: Daihatsu sports betting and old players 5-digit bonuses

On Friday the meeting, referred to the issue we are very concerned about the old customer deposits promotions Learn about the specific reasons for the delay, and today they got some confirmed, so it is necessary to be concerned about the activities of the players to a full update ʱ??

Reasons for the delay: The event will be fit Daihatsu Automatic deposit method be started automatically deposit plus generous bonuses, great fit.

Activities will start time: early December, a period of two weeks.

Old players definition: as long as three consecutive before the event each month there are active players will be able to participate (September, October, November).

Of course, after the registration had 3 each monthly active players can enjoy, but this year in November must be active record, (this month there three days Oh, the players did not move up quickly oh)

In order to allow all the old players to enjoy the fun activities, this time we are not require special link to register. Meaning is very simple as long as you are our old players will be able to meet these requirements to participate in this event.

Daihatsu Account Manager

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