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China "online gambling" is developing rapidly

Learned from relevant sources and associated information platform. According to China Internet Network Information Center statistics, as of December 31, 2005, China's Internet users has reached 94 million, ranking second in the world, the number of sites to break 660,000. Huge market natural It became overseas Internet betting company Hunting targets.

January 11, 2010, focused on special operations to combat criminal activities in the country launched a total of 17 central departments participated in the action, the high scale of this action, unprecedented specifications designed to form a short-term blow climax to curb online gambling development trend of the spread fundamental.The special action Coordination Group Office official Wu Shan pointed out: "Internet gambling is gambling with virtual space, the cost of crime is relatively low, means relatively secretive, public security authorities to verify them more difficult; another gambling control is difficult, because it through credit card and bank transfers to the handover, so the public security organs to investigate gambling when caught red-handed as difficult as traditional gambling.

Internet Gambling The speed of development is very fast, the numbers involved are many, is also a great amount of money involved. On the fight against gambling, the center has been very resolute attitude. The national focus the fight against illegal gambling special action is in accordance with the national central State Council A right decisions development trend of the spread of gambling made such a big scale, such a high standard, it should be said is still relatively rare. This time we mobilized the central authorities of the country as many as 17, trying to form a joint force, in form the climax of a hit in the short term, fundamentally curb the national network development trend of the spread of gambling. "

The event showed the Chinese government's fight against gambling, especially online gambling determination of criminal activity but we also recognize that the fight against Internet gambling a long way the most important question is: There is no effective law Constraints "Internet Gambling"Behavior.

China's Criminal Law Article 203 in the third set of gambling crime, which states: for commercial purposes, gambling, casino or gambling industry, at 3 years of imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and fined. When we online gambling penal punishment, necessarily involves on the "gambling" or "casino" in determining the nature, it is bound to face a "mob" and "Casino" in the interpretation. on operating slightest mistake, there possible violations "of legality" principle. These are needed as soon as possible to make the relevant judicial interpretation of legal gaps.

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