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Inn Casino promote mobile sports betting application

During the meeting members of the Nevada Gaming on Thursday, regulators finally approved the final game, it is the state's first licensed online poker site - the ultimate poker the same series of the Commission at the hearing to listen to the ultimate Game CTO Chris Derossi's remarks, he said that since its debut by the end of April, the site has processed 9.1 million transactions hand, although there are still some glitches, but can get the company's rapid and reasonable solution.

Obviously, the ultimate poker geolocation system requirements are too high is a major aspect criticized by others.Located near the border with Nevada 1.5 km "buffer" players occasionally find themselves unable to visit the website.Chairman Peter Bernhard said that he read online criticism ultimate poker reviews, some of them think the site is not as Nevada other than authorized online poker site "mature".Ultimate Poker chose to start "bare metal" website, in order to obtain first-to-market advantages, while De Rossi expressed upcoming upgrade will greatly improve the "ultimate" game (Thursday, ultimate poker Chief Marketing Officer Joe Weier Sa Qi said excitedly, generation of client that is available.ʱ??

The ultimate game "out of Nevada," the ambition has made substantial progress in their written agreement a month before signing with Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal Casino, finalized in mid-November "on line" New Jersey online betting market Date At the same time, the company recently hired Mike Britt as its development and vice president of government affairs market. Britt has extensive experience in US federal policy, hoping to promote the federal government in the regulation of online poker game systems and other aspects to make a contribution.

Inn Casino actively involved in mobile sports betting business

At the same time, the final game of the parent company, located in Nevada casinos post, recently completed a field test called "mobile sports" sports betting software. Although the inn Cantor rival casino betting company and Britain Weilian Xi Seoul has been providing mobile services in the state sports DB for several years, but apparently they believe that "it is not too late." With the completion of IOS version and Android version field trials, post casinos will begin to actively promote this mobile application program to meet the upcoming September kick off football season.

Inn casino with its novelty of applications to attract players, further, they can be incorporated into the inn casino bets internal incentive plans. Players can use this application using the obtained points redeemable for food, vouchers or a slot machine game Inn casino's website to participate in sports betting. Players can apply in Nevada Inn Betting Mobile betting account, you can use a credit or debit card for a deposit. inn casino deputy director told the Las Vegas Art Manteris Rundschau, Mobile betting application lets "players enjoy gambling pleasure in life."

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