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Jacobs and Sands battle spread, the more dirty water splashed more

Steven Jacobs Las Vegas Sands company's problems have never been solved. Now, the former CEO of Sands China further, sue the former owner in 2010 is concealing evidence, suspended the wrongful dismissal lawsuit, this thing may also involve to casino operators. This week, the Supreme Court of Nevada-week trial, Jacobs stated that he has authorized the release of the investigation report of three Sands, Sands statement with "foreign government officials, Chinese criminal underworld been associated individuals" had business.

"LVSC and Sands China believe that they comply with the relevant provisions of the law; play by the rules is essential," Bloomberg quoted as saying to Jacobs. "They want to settle this matter, which is that every accused person dream of things."

Interestingly, Sands did not deny the authenticity of the report, but the report has International Risk Ltd. of Steve Vicker writing, but claimed that Jacobs "stealing" the above-mentioned report .Sands spokesman Ron Reese explained above report then common However, only a part of the company and the leverage strategy.

Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson at the beginning of this report is actually claimed by the Jacobs commissioned by, and the company had nothing to do. "I have never requested or authorized Jacobs perform private survey activities, or asking him to 'compile' a report on the Macanese Government officials report, "so when it comes time Adelson." We verily believe, Jacobs is for their own purposes, the survey carried out in private activities. "

Jacobs LVS continues to deny the charges, saying the lawsuit "baseless" and even said his lawyers have prepared a "more weighty statement" in response to evidence of prejudice to the trial. Although called a destruction and tampering biased, but Sands is surely in trouble last year's situation - even still preliminary stage was punishment, they did not submit in Nevada have piles of documents, and even said publicly that these files can not be legally transferred from Macau come out.

Both operators and former CEO and largest shareholder, the rivalry between the Chairman Sheldon Adelson, is rooted in the need for Macao Adelson claims to government officials investigating illegal, to ensure that the company can find a way to ensure a place in Macau .Jacobs sue attracted the attention of the United States Department of Justice, Security Service and Foreign Exchange Committee, so that the three government departments unanimously on LVS launched an investigation to determine whether a violation of LVS Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the regulations prohibit US companies to bribe local officials to ensure that The company's overseas business.

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