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UK 2013 betting participation declined 50% female participation Betting

According to Kelvin Eyre (Carvinayre.com)Betting site Reported recently, the British Gambling Commission (UKGamblingCommission) and research institutions ICM Research jointly issued a report entitled "Gambling Participation: behavior and participation model" Report on the 4005 report of the British people through a series of questionnaires obtained. some very interesting conclusions.

The report shows that the United Kingdom in 2013 Gaming Participation has decreased compared with 2012, the proportion of those who participate in betting all respondents from 57% in 2012 dropped slightly to 55% in 2013; betting more attractive male group participation, 60% of male involvement in betting, female, compared with 50%; the players involved in online gambling share increased, rising from 14% in 2012 to 15 percent in 2013; in the betting kind, the National Lottery [microblogging] remained the most popular form, 43% The respondents have been involved in, followed by other categories of lottery tickets, 13 percent of respondents to participate again is instant lottery, 10% of respondents to participate.

The proportion of participants betting
Classification 2012 year 2013
All respondents 57% 55%
Male 60% 60%
Female 55% 50%
18-24 years old 44% 46%
25-34 55% 46%
35-44 60% 57%
45-54 60% 59%
55-64 60% 62%
65 years old 60% 58%

It is reported, the researchers report in 2013, in March, June, September and December of the British people conducted four surveys, each survey for one week, the main target of the investigation is a British adults over the age of 18 and fully taking into account the respondent's gender, region, social class and other factors, in order to ensure its representative survey questions include: where in the past four weeks, and what you pay participated in gambling game is to participate is through? Internet or traditional methods? Participation betting frequency of such a system.

By betting type classification proportion of participants
Betting Game Type 2012 year 2013
UK National Lottery (National Lottery) 46% 43%
Lottery (scratchcards) 11% 10%
Other types of lottery 12% 13%
Gaming machine Gaming 2% 2%
Betting game machine 1% 1%
Bingo (Bingo) 3% 3%
Football pot (Football pools) 3% 3%
Horse race betting (Horse races) 4% 4%
Greyhounds Betting (Dog races) 0.50% 1%
Sports Betting (Sports betting) 3% 4%
Other bets 1% 1%
Virtual Greyhound Racing Betting 0.20% 0.50%
Spread betting (Spread betting) 0.30% 0.30%
Online slot machines and online instant lottery 0.30% 0.60%
Casino games (Casino games) 1% 1%
Poker 0.40% 0.50%
Private organizations Gaming (Private betting) 3% 3%

55% of respondents said they participated in betting

Survey shows that in 2013 an average of 55 percent of respondents said that in the past four weeks where they participated in at least one form of betting. This data in 2012 was 57%, with male respondents 60% of people involved in betting, women 50%, and 55% compared with 2012 declined. Among them, the participation of the largest betting population concentrated in the 55-64 age group, respondents have 62% in this age range, followed by 59% of 45-54-year-old, 65 years of age 58% and 57% of 35-44, 18-24 and 25-34 year-old group has a 46% who has been involved in betting, but the proportion of 25-34 year-old group of participants in 2012 was 55%, in 2013 has declined 9 percent.

15% of respondents said they had been involved Online betting

In 2013 an average of 15 percent of respondents said they participated in at least one form of online betting in the past four weeks. In contrast, in 2012 this figure was 14%. Similarly, participation in online gambling a greater proportion of those in men, and 19 percent of male respondents and 11 percent of female respondents involved in online gambling .35-44-year-old respondents, 22% involved in online gambling, is the largest percentage group followed by 25-34 and 45-54 years 18% 17% 65 respondents over the age of 6 percent said they had participated in at least one online betting.

Online betting proportion of participants
Classification 2012 year 2013
All respondents 14% Fifteen%
Male 16% 19%
Female 12% 11%
18-24 years old 14% Fifteen%
25-34 19% 18%
35-44 20% twenty two%
45-54 16% 17%
55-64 12% 13%
65 years old 7% 6%

In addition, it is worth noting that participation in 2013 an online gambling respondents, only 42% of the players involved in the purchase of the British national lottery online, and if this part of the population excluded, participated in online betting people it fell to 9% from 15% before the proof in the form of the National Lottery remains the leading online betting players participating.

UK National Lottery is still the most popular type of betting

All respondents to participate in 2013 in most species are still betting traditional British National Lottery, 43 percent of respondents said they participated at least once in the past four weeks, followed by other types of lottery tickets, such as the UK health lottery Participants representing the proportion of respondents was 13%, the proportion of participants Lottery accounted for third place, the proportion was 10%.

2013, all the players involved in betting games have only been involved in 73% of the traditional physical gambling, 16% are involved in betting and online gambling are two entities, there are only 11% of the players involved in online gambling. In When respondents were asked about the frequency of participation in betting, the most common answer is "once a month." buy National Lottery players involved in online gambling, 13 percent of respondents were more than twice a week, 47% The respondents were once a week, 30 percent of respondents once a month, and 9% of the players is less than once a month.

Gaming and online gambling entity proportion of participants
Betting Game Type Only entities involved in gambling Participation only online gambling Both are involved in
Overall 73% 11% 16%
UK National Lottery (National Lottery) 76% 16% 8%
Other types of lottery 85% 12% 4%
Bingo (Bingo) 80% 17% 3%
Football pot (Football pools) 73% 17% 10%
Horse race betting (Horse races) 68% twenty three% 9%
Greyhounds Betting (Dog races) 75% 25% 0%
Sports Betting (Sports betting) 49% forty five% 7%
Other bets 57% 37% 7%
Casino games (Casino games) 48% 33% 19%
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