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Sky Poker's Online Poker Serier activities nearing completion

Online Poker Serier activities Sky Poker's nearing the end of this Sunday, in just seven days the players won the £ 200,000 prize. After this week's activities essentially take away all of the players within the prize pool money.

Before the event organizers to come up with at least 1.2 pounds of income deposit and purchase £ 140,000 live every health activities as the total prize money, but money generated at the end of eight championship events beyond our tone, with a total prize money of 218,170 GBP.

The star players results UKOPS activity is Sky Poker was loyal players Julian Thew. And he also recently broke three records in the game, and he won the UKOPS was ranked seventh grades.

Another story is written in UKOPS activities finals champion James 'LJAMESL' Williams, and has made the two tournament .15,714 pounds and 58,200 pounds overall tournament championship main event champion.

UKOPS II activities already planned, we will learn the advantages and summarize feedback from players added to UKOPS II activity from this event.

"Organized UKOPS activity is an unprecedented success, which is the effort to Sky Poke again over the past 12-month period is not in vain." Sky Poker 'of Dave Bland said, "Sky Poker is good or bad need of our efforts and customer sure. We can not wait to take the players to give us advice on UKOPS II activities when will definitely get better.

Sky Poker wants to bless delivered to all participating players while ranking achieved in the game of the player's name will be displayed on UKOPS activity charts

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