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What two Mahjong rules? Duo how to play mahjong?

Like to play mahjong two friends should have heard, what is two mahjong? Duo mahjong how to play? Mahjong rules of the game and what the two do? Senior experts give us one answer.

Two Mahjong game for the two, from the national standard Mahjong, (two mahjong no note and cheese) to make the game by reducing the number of game players and more intense stimulation cards, after licensing, by turns draw cards, the cards, eat, touch , bars, the first and the card is the winner.

Two Mahjong game:

Cards: tube 36, WAN 36, Article 36, the wind word 28, a total of 136, but after each game begins, randomly selected 71 cards for the game once 71 cards used up, that is. the game is over. If a draw is Haidilaoyue, if the stream were heard licensing bureau.

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Cards: The game at the outset, making available only fourteen cards, Player thirteen elect a dealer license throw from the most useless cards in this case, the Player has the power to touch the bar to eat goes lost. out of the card, or select Mopai continue to play.

At the beginning of the renewal of licenses: Makers finished 14 cards, after Player finished 13 cards, the system allows the player to select to replace the tiles, limited number of copies.

Game for a license: In the game, touch the cards after the turn of the cards the player's own choice (with certain probability), the system will select all and did not play cards with the players on hand to give players a pung for a license to play mahjong you have to know taboo matters rub cards: During the game, the player's own turn when touched card (with a certain probability), system gives players the opportunity to rub card, which the user can select one according to the autonomous will All did not play and did not fit into the hands of the player cards in any one.

Eating touch bar cards: You can eat any touch bar card, bar card after eating must light touch light and dark bars excluded.


1, the first game the system randomly selected dealer.

2. Who first player under the disc when the dealer, if the flow is on the disc, making bureau footwall continue when the dealer.

Grab bars: If grab bars, scoring by Zimo meter, grab bars in the accumulator applied only bars that touch the cards that he touched on the same card at a bar.

Upper limit (cap):

1, the equivalent of the output points cap value, large cap value over the calculated value of the cap.

2, the upper limit of the cap that is full-service license type, is 13 fold.

Door clear: no eating behavior touch bar called clean dark bars door still belong to the phylum clear.

Reported listen: listen to any case can be reported, then allowed automatically by the system for Zhang to help players Mopai playing cards, until winning hand or when asked whether someone shooting player winning hand, if Hu is reported to listen to the end of the pop-up status settlement interface, if Hu continues to be reported not listen state help players automatically drawn in playing cards.

Flower Cards: after every start the game, bright display on the walls in the game UI's clear tiles, when the first player to spend more cards can count fold.

Haidilaoyue: When the flow of the Board, if both players are not in the state draws directly to end the game, the pop-up interface and enter the waiting screen settlement if one person to listen to the other people heard of brand licensing, the two players at the same time. enter Haidilaoyue interface, the draw of players Haidilaoyue If two all draw the two players simultaneously enter Haidilaoyue interface, the first draw of players Haidilaoyue.

Two Mahjong its unique charm and not the same way mahjong game has been attracting a lot of players, two mahjong in all of the player brought a lot of joy, allows players to experience an unprecedented chess game experience, giving players with go to a different chess game experience. In view of this, the two learn to play mahjong, mahjong master the rules of the game are two important prerequisites.

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