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Internet gambling legal?

Many countries together illegal betting in the law are clearly defined, but Internet gambling As a novelty, in legal terms is still in a gray area. United States is now preparing legislation to restrict Internet gambling, but many experts estimate that less constraint on Internet gambling, because almost all of the network Casino Are registered in some island countries, for example Antigua and the like, gambling is legal in these countries, US law also can not control these companies.

Moreover online casino gambling Game Servers are located in some of the island (such as the Philippines, the United States and other regions), assuming you play gaming software in the United States, the software received data is issued from the server located in the island of the game, the equivalent of you are in these Betting island, and not violate the law.

Recent Shanghai Hotline and Tencent QQ buy chips are released games. Buy can use voice calls, buy points card, etc. Then use the chips (coins) in the game betting with other players. Although the money can not be cashed win cash, but definitely it can cash and cash equivalents into items. actually been involved in the online gambling!

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Since gambling in China this way by default, then we are talking about online gambling is not considered illegal, because you betting only on servers in other countries, which is equivalent to playing you come to Las Vegas!

China has launched a new business, "Guangdong mahjong" online gaming, methods and Tencent QQ coins game coins game with Shanghai hotline same as the player can buy points account recharge after betting. This marks the domestic to the legalization of online gambling.

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