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Playing in the Hong Kong horse races crime?

Hong Kong horse races do break the law?Many people think that horse racing is illegal in Hong Kong.In fact, horse racing is Hong Kong's only legal, but also the most massive scale, affecting the farthest, most loved by the people of Hong Kong.It is already integrated into the living among the people of Hong Kong, in each racing day, the symbol merchants, courtiers, white-collar workers, and even where ordinary people have actively participated in it, there are many tourists come here especially.Or to feel crazy racecourse atmosphere above, or try their luck.Among the many horse racing enthusiasts, many people believe the Jews out of a spirit of names inside the "Pareto's Law" about is whether it is engaged in what industry, the winner always just occupy 20% of all the number of participants the remaining 80% that, although they also pay all, but still fruitless.If you divide those carrying out the victor, it can still be in accordance with the ratio of 2: 8 division, and the more prominent the winner is only 20% of them occupy only.

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