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Gaming Novice Note Money Matters Safety

Often hear people say all the black ore, recent news in this area is really a lot of friends, but how should we do in order to find the black ore, to make their own do not be fooled, first, do not be fooled premise is not too greedy, and rationality little, too greedy that have taken the time, I still think some may remind you of a few points.

First, keep sending concessions too, so you let them go

Some companies keep sending too do not fly, there is that 1000 to send 2,000 deposit, you dare it? Such a company is not black ore pigs fly, you have to be careful little. I often receive such information, But I have to laugh it off, go after the money also get it back, basically it is to examine, in the end will not give you the money anyway.

Their approach is basically a large amount of concessions, allowing you to deposit, after the deposit even win, or will be reviewed, over time, your long-term contact customer service, customer service is also not care about you, sorta, definitely it is to be black.

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So, too large amount of concessions or do not go, do not really fly, you think about it, the usual number of preferential concessions in general is it?

Second, the name of the slogan let you send cabbage Register

Send name of cabbage slogan, let you go to register, registration is to apply after the cabbage, but also can apply to success, first let you win, do not let you withdraw money before you want to have to make the first deposit withdrawals, you win the number of how many to keep playing double or triple the water, which is black's approach, basically, after the deposit was never to return, however, does not get deposit and withdrawal, they have won so much watching , I feel it is a pity, so you want to deposit, this time you can be careful, not to mention you still may eventually come out.

Third, there are benefits, but also won, with the results of the IP

Those companies often take IP talk really have some problems, such companies is not to say there is no credibility, it may indeed be the case through arbitrage. Better not to go to such a company to apply for promotions. I used to see this company is Players win money later he said people have the same IP situation, the player is nothing to say, is regarded as arbitrageurs, or has not applied for promotions relatively good.

Four, said the company is allowed to rally arbitrage

Such companies can not say no credibility, players are not going to try method. First, allow you sparring, but does not allow the same company, the same platform rally, then you can operate the two companies. Looks It is a good thing. So, you sparring in this company, and this is allowed, another company would allow it? is not allowed, so in order to secure funding, or do not go to the rally. Allow sparring The company is good, but another is not allowed, if the funds all go to the one that you may not allow a bad child.

These are my in Game Some phenomena encountered in the process, hoping to bring some friends to help, in order to better protect their own financial security.

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