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Internet gambling novice must-read before will know

1, Internet gambling will be checked POLICE it?

A:! Would be a little possibility, said that some people had been arrested, but more likely to suffer gambling grab something at home generally do not play mahjong, but the police will be complaints, ah, no one would dare say certainly not. water may be choked, that is the risk.

2, network gaming What do you need?

A: computers with Internet access; internet stock arrives can have funds bank card (to the bank transfer is also OK, but the trouble it), bank card online banking most basic line, to see what the specific needs of the company's support; the web The next version of the software may need to download must be downloaded before playing.

3, Internet gambling money safe? Bilk the casino will be stolen or someone else?

A: Note Kill Virus, prevent the Trojans to steal accounts by others; big companies generally is not a regular for your money (maybe you think big but there are tens of thousands of casino money out of tens of millions of millions of) tampering, Even if your account is stolen, the general provisions of the Company has designated bank account or withdraw money only to address when registering, you most likely are stolen gamble light.

4, Internet gambling can play what?

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A: Most large companies have to play football, this version is the casino version will no longer do introduce general live casino has.Blackjackʱ??Dice cupʱ??Rotary tableʱ??Baccarat Four types of non-real and some have slot and a variety of poker games, etc., see the related specifically to help companies play.

5, please recommend a reputable company, okay?

A: The site advertising companies are some strong word of mouth, Master screened carefully consider the party allowed to put advertising, there is a certain credibility influential companies.

6, Internet gambling will have a false result?

A: This question many users have questioned, but most have no hard evidence that the company is, because many companies are shared with a software vendor, software errors are common, particularly who should bear the responsibility of the unknown, which is One of the risks of online gambling before entering this edition should be able to see this sentence: only discuss the Internet casino entertainment do not believe the network!.

7, the smallest chips online gambling is the number?

A: The companies vary, most minimum equivalent to RMB about 7-20, that is $ 1 or 8 yuan starting Also worth mentioning is the smallest individual found that the current level of chips is my fortune.

8, the deposit can be taken immediately into it?

A: Usually not all companies have the relevant provisions, you must wager only after removing what percentage of the funds deposited bonus if you took definitely need to bet the deposit funds + bonus of about 8-25 times before withdrawal. Please consider carefully before Frantz deposit.

9, withdrawal into the casino commission needs it?

A: Most deposits are free, perhaps as a means to attract business, there may be as many shopping malls upstairs walking stairs as the elevator downstairs bar; unlimited free withdrawals, some free and some have a deadline or charges, specifically to see all company policy, noted that the withdrawal may have upper and lower limits oh ~

My advice is this novice players try to choose a good reputation, and cultural well site, convenient access to money to try gaming network. Novice players should not have a lot of bets at the outset, the gambling as an entertainment and leisure activities can ʱ??

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