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Gambling thousand patients Prevention of common sense

What we are most afraid of encounter when gambling? I believe most people the answer should all be out of a thousand. Yes, the players are never afraid of playing gambling or bad luck is as good as his own people, they are afraid to encounter gambling thousands of patients.

With the emergence of thousands of patients to follow the emergence of gambling, gambling wherever thousand patients told to go, what kind of gambling there is what kind of thousands of patients, can be described as the twin brother. To gamble, we must understand what Gambling thousands of patients, thousands of patients is not to understand out of thousands, but in order to prevent others out of thousands, is the so-called know ourselves only know yourself.

1, shuffle: like a normal game of cards shuffling technique, demand can only wash the upper half of local brand of chaos, and the whole hand wash or chaos can be, but it looks to others is washed mess , this is the most fundamental.

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2, cut card: When a few people play, make a mark on the whole good hand washing, and then cut cards to others, and then cut back to the cards themselves, like the original, or that that person to cut card holder itself children.

3, exposing color: RBI is a way to open a hair but certainly since the first card, assuming the dealer originally been folded cards, which expose the color is the most important part.

4, stacked cards: Local call clip cards, the dealer will be opened on a card, when to fold casual action with others, according to their own needs trump lined up in advance.

These are some of the common folk. Other card games the way thousands of patients is almost about the same players in the gambling game sure to pay attention.

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