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UK gambling site betting terms

Acceptance stages (acceptance phase) racehorse owner and trainer must let their horses on whether to participate in a particular field to make a decision the day of the race.

Accumulator (multi-color) A contains two or more betting options. The first option from the top to win the overall prize money to bet on the second option above, while the second option on the total prize money won To bet on the third option above, and so on until the end of the bet.

Across the card (Cross card Bet) simultaneously on different game wager.

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All weather track (all-day run (race) track) running (race) track surface is designed to reduce the impact of adverse weather conditions, thereby reducing the possibility of competition can not be held.

Ante-post betting (Ante) Expected betting before the race day for all major tournaments out of the odds when in custody under this type of betting in general, people will understand that if the selected horse racing, then did not play (eg, no horses start), the stake will be lost.

Any to come betting (aka If cash) (random winnings and then bet (also known as random and then betting)) When a bet the winnings is partially re-charge in another subsequent bets used above a.

At the post (position) A means that all horses are standing on the starting point of the race betting terminology BAGS

BAGS refers to institutions participating Greyhound afternoon conditioning work.

BAGS forecast (Soon) In BAGS greyhound race meeting released computer jackpot Soon Balloted out (selection phase-out) means the number of horses appear more permitted for security reasons when the number of horses participating in the case based on the reduction of game The number of horses participating in the program. The program will be based on the weight of the horses to be ascending.

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