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Landlords online jargon Comments

Landlords want to play online? Landlords do not understand the jargon can not. Landlords term online and in real life what is the difference? Watching you know.

Cut card

Before you start playing cards will first determine who will be called points, get the biggest card of the people have the right to call points after finished card, which is the landlord has the right to do first.

Called points

The system will randomly send out three cards to give [priority] called sub-brand players have the right to be called the priority points, called the flop highest points? Council base score of the game, all games are built on called magnification of basis points on.


188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Game called flop highest points of people, the game's landlords and other two players are opposites. Landlord victory in the hand will get double experience and money, lost 2 times the amount deducted also.


In addition to the other two players outside the landlords, this duo need to meet together to fight the "landlord" in the game, the game in which two "farmers" as long as there is one in the "landlord" Before the finished cards forfeit the landlord, another name "farmer" also win.


Landlords different from other games is an important feature in the game needs --- two "farmers" co-players to fight one other player.

Rocket / bomb

Game special card type, have the ability to make current score doubled.


Game "landlord" to choose their cards to play, then the other two players can see the "landlord" is currently in the hands of cards after the results from the two cards on the outcome of the game will increase by a factor.

With a card

An important way the cards, players can choose to play with a 3, four with 2 special cards, and even come with a card with double ghost, although with a bomb or double ghost with a card will lose "bomb" and "rocket" in effect, but he is a special means of winning.

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