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Gambling terminology and betting rules - Article List - Page 1

There are a lot of online sports bets, but because of regional reasons, different places may be called on sports is not the same place. Concrete can refer to the following explanation.I treasure / dual colorI treasure or dual color, is in two differe …… [Read more]

Although revenue in Macau has now surpassed the United States in Las Vegas, but in the world, if you mention the word casino, a lot of people's first reaction is Las Vegas, This is because the Las Vegas casino as a representative of the already p …… [Read more]

First introduced four actually the color soccer play: Shengping Fu, the score, the total number of goals and half the audience Shengping Fu.Explanation of terms: string tricks, soon SMG football four games are played, you need to select at least two …… [Read more]

Yuxia, also known as Yuxia Sic Bo, Sic Bo is a game whose type and with another method Sicbo basically the same, but the use of the dice by the fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd and chicken pattern instead of points. Yuxia from China, in the south was …… [Read more]

The old cadres mean? Tazza is cheating tactics to take in a group of people collectively, the old cadres in the game is to take the way of cheating.ʱ??The old thousand"Also called"Out of thousands"" The old thousand "the orig …… [Read more]

Macau gambling going to bet! Macau is one of the world's three, and now revenue revenue of Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas to Macau real casino how to play? Macau casino reality the most common is to use the cash conversion into chips play. …… [Read more]

Speaking of racing, presumably many people are familiar, however, when it comes to dog racing, people probably do not know much. Greyhounds incoming Macau in 1932, and soon won the Macao people's favorite, has now become the most Macau One of the …… [Read more]

Fantan is a card game, also known as Kaduominuo domino gave the following players on how to play the game Fantan:Number of players: three to eight, but the best in Fantan game is composed of four players.Target: The first was the winner all the cards …… [Read more]

…… [Read more]

The following is a Betting guide Betting terminology players carefully collected bilingual table Stake Bet Win (Single) Select be …… [Read more]

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