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Online Casino Blackjack Glossary

More and more gambling players choose to play blackjack at online casinos, the following blackjack common term network some explanation:

Black Jack (BLACKJACK): hand within two cards total points are added up (eg A card and a flower cards or 10 cards).

DRAW (HIT): let's use a card player (covering Player and Banker) as long as the hands of cards does not exceed the sum of the number of points available for a blackjack cards.

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Suspension (STAND): no longer get a license at no matter what the situation, the player can choose to license repose.

Scoreboard (SPLIT): Players then the next note with the original bet equal stake, and the first two cards into two separate licensing vice these two cards must be the same number of points (ie a pair of 8, one pair. K or a pair of Q, some games are played in two 10-point cards when as a 10 Q can be divided into a brand.) But scoreboard after Black Jack, only for the usual blackjack computing, its just 1 lost 1.

Double bet (DOUBLE): the player to get the first two cards after this, you can then bet the next note with the original peer bet (if feel less can be doubled), then only one additional card.If you get Black Jack, is not it a double bet.(Partial gameplay get three or three or more of them may choose to double bet, but you can only one additional card) guarantees (INSURANCE): If the dealer's face-up card is A, the player can buy warranties , which is equivalent to the original bet additional bet half of.By making sure that if a player is 10:00 cards, you can buy guaranteed.If the dealer does have blackjack, the player will win 2 times the guarantee stake; if the dealer does not Black Jack, the player will lose the guarantee stake, followed by the game as usual.Black Jack is greater than the total number of points for the other 21:00 of cards.(Makers A reverse opening card is not only suitable for use) such as the hands of licensed players only two cards, they have the right to choose to surrender, back half the stake: (local gameplay does not allow buy guarantee) Guixiang.

Win Bureau: Players will be approved for the win if the sign face is Black Jack (Black Jack dealer not simultaneously achieved), Player Points Points closer than the dealer blackjack (but not more than blackjack), or the dealer points over twenty-one point (no more than Blackjack Player Points).

Tie children: the points and the dealer's cards of the same number of points the player hand, or with the Black Jack the moment, there is no convenient double winner, bet gold will fall back to the players.

Makers Win Bureau: banker is Black Jack (but not both players get Black Jack), banker points compared Player Points near Blackjack (but not more than blackjack), has more than Blackjack Player Points (regardless of the dealer points exceeds blackjack).

Odds: 1 lost 2 Black Jack, guarantee 1 lost 2, the other for 1 lose.

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