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Online Texas Hold'em Basic Strategy

Online Texas Hold'em Rules are simple, but not easy to play well. Because this Game Not only rely on luck, but also a battle of wits between the players, fight skills, fight patience. A successful Texas Hold'em player, not only to master the basic offensive and defensive strategy, but also to be able to recognize a variety of opponents playing tricks, depending on the opponent, take a different strategy, and only know ourselves and be victorious.

Regardless of your opponent, playing Texas Hold'em, following some basic strategies of universal significance:

1. Every Register a new field, do not immediately play with real money, I hope you can leave the money in the first play, play how long, it is recommended, limit can be hit by the 1000 2000, NL could hit 10,000 by the 1000 is the first to have a feel of the software.

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2. Start playing with real money, if it is limit, remember only play good starting hands, in the short term you will waste some opportunities, but the long term, just to see a great flop would lose.

3. When you get your two cards in the future, to be joy, anger, without form or color, so that opponents can not guess the cards in your hand is good or bad depending on your demeanor expression. Because guess your card in their hands if the opponent is good or bad, It will be accounted for when to bet a lot of advantages and therefore play Texas Hold'em, the poker table to remember one word: deadpan!

4. Knew after two cards to bet or to give up, and the number of gamblers poker table related. Generally speaking, if two cards in your hand are less than 10 and not in pairs, you should give up the hand ( FOLD). Conservative gamblers card as long as there are less than 10 and not in pairs, will give up the hand. with aggressive gamblers usually do not give up in time to get 8,9 spend with (I hope you can get a flush FLUSH or straight STAIGHT).

5. After the first 1,2,3 community card (THE FLOP) open, if you do not have a maximum card (if the first 1,2,3 community card is K-9-5, the maximum should be a pair of cards for K), and you form a straight opportunities with flowers and little, you should consider giving up, because there is usually a tables next seven players, it is necessary composed of two pair or better hand will win. But Note that the players reduce chances appear good cards are also reduced, so only three or four players, you can play more aggressive.

6. gutshot / time to spend with, only three after the flop, there is still two to a straight / flush, it is best not followed. Brand face, others have straight / flush, most Do not talk to the good. Are you waiting for a straight, and when the sign face may be flush, do not tell the general.

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