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Texas Hold'em Beginner's Guide

Betting guide It gives a few tips, hope Texas Hold'em Novice friends to help avoid unnecessary detours:

First. Never played Texas Hold'em novice, it is recommended to play playmoney (fake money) or play a free game, so there is no risk of losing money, while exercising the technique and patience. Might not have any income, but it is worth it.

Second. After each receive dividends, the number of hands needed to play some more, to avoid being listed as a BONUS ABUSE. After 2005, the successful listing of several large online poker room in September, is no longer tolerant of the players, especially recently, they openly declared: if the new player account, deposit $ 50 and play to a predetermined number of hands, after the prize, immediately withdrawal, will be listed BONUS ABUSE, belong to violations, households are likely to be closed, and the need to pass documents to verify the identity of the chances. So if you want long-term poker friends, get bonus each time after the number of hands needed to play some more

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Third Complimentary get the money, and friends turn in the same money, but also to play with, and then withdraw the money. For the safety of funds, each poker room are generally required to deposit what method you use, you need to use the same way withdrawals. They require players to deposit money at least once, primarily to verify the identity, you deposit money once, it has recorded, but also proves you this account is indeed a real player account.

If you play Texas Hold'em lose money, then threw removed! If you win money, then do not be too anxious to retreat because of all newly opened account, the test period has not yet elapsed, but also put on a dress, "loyalty" of look, rather than "a dead", never in contact with. The game is won by free money friends have a certain level, maybe playing a game can win more.

Fourth novice Do not set the target too high, otherwise hope the greater the disappointment poker network has several levels and state:

1. The world champion, or a little time, they are playing $ 10 / $ 20 or more, or even $ 100 / $ 200, $ 1,000 or more every day to ensure the win, the United States has a number of such players, accounting for about 5% of the number of network playing

2. To play cards for a living, technology can be, but is not willing to play big adventure Game Playing in the small game, $ 2 / $ 4 to $ 15 / $ 30, stable profit of $ 200-1000 per day, accounting for about 5-10% of such people's congress

3. hobby, to earn pocket money for the purpose of mixing dividends based, which accounts for about 35%, profit of $ 200-2000 month

The entertainment-oriented that Texas Hold'em is purely a game of chance (Chance Game), no technical components, or that technology is not very important, regardless of who is winning luck, these people account for about 50%, mainly the United States the majority of people. They won pleasure once produced enough to support their losing streak to 10 times. We want to make these people's money. That's why we play Texas Hold'em source of profits, as long as the ratio of the opponent playing well, you can win money!

Indeed someone to play poker for a living, but most people still as a hobby, to earn pocket money. Novices not to aim too high, or else hope the greater the disappointment. And not to worry, improve licensing technology and players personality, perception of brand management and so relevant, not overnight. experience that continue to accumulate and sum up, play more naturally skilled. Of course, some of my friends might du relatively large, or the character itself is not suitable for playing Texas Hold'em, that do not play! In particular, some newbie friends in order to earn bonuses, dividends and before the release of the deficit almost done, it is more to timely close hand.

On the basis of the above points, the novice how to start playing Texas Hold'em? If you've never played Texas Hold'em on line before, and now want to play Texas Hold'em poker online, but there are hundreds of large and small poker room home, in the end from Which one do you start? Internet is an open system, in theory, where a start can be, but in fact start for the novice is also very important to pay attention to the order, which is called upon to play the game, "Raiders", just He started playing Texas Hold'em, the need for better order the Raiders, in order to maximize winnings.

Play Texas Hold'em need to have: some money as capital, a cash flow for the account of, a suitable poker games poker games in general account of the time there will give players a first deposit bonus (which is also some players special. to get after is the main source of profit for the novice), but this bonus players need to play a certain number of hands. Therefore, you must acquire a certain amount of poker skills and the Raiders to stabilize the money. To earn bonus account various poker rooms, you It requires a certain amount of money as principal.

In order to earn the major poker rooms Poker bonus (Poker Bonus) and to facilitate the safe back to your bank account, you need to open an account can be used as cash flow (mainly the US dollar and euro accounts), its role is to After earning poker bonus funds to the account turnover, and then it goes to the other poker rooms earn more poker bonus.

The most convenient Internet banking is 1-pay, all Chinese language interface, a Chinese customer. Another commonly used Internet banking is Click2pay, a Chinese registration page.

Another way is to WebMoney, now more and more poker rooms began to support it. The registration process is slightly complicated, but the tutorials are detailed graphic description, it suffices to follow on the line.

With capital and turnover account, the next step is to start looking for novice to play poker games, then slowly accumulate experience and capital accumulation. Novices can practice first with fake money or participate in some of the free poker games offer competition practice your hand

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