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Texas Hold'em winning hand skills a master summary

Locationʱ??Patient versus Strong brand Playing Texas Hold'em The key to success. Your first and most important decision is when you get two cards nest after nest these two cards to determine whether it is worthwhile bet you enter Game The biggest mistake Hold'em players can make is to bet when the nest card also poor.

Playing during your position relative to the button is very important, there are 10 players at the table, three players immediately to the left of the big blind in front of the position, the following three players in the middle position, all other Players in late position. When you are in the top position, you need a very strong brand before the nest bet, because the players behind you might raise reraise, so patience cards in one hand and a good nest then in place under NOTE call or raise, for Texas Hold'em players concerned, is very important.

The following actions are different when you are in a different position to be taken to get a different brand of litter

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If your nest cards are AA, KK and A-Ks (s refers to the two suited cards), whether you are in that position should be raised

Front position (In Early position) If your nest cards are AK, A-Qs, K-Qs, QQ JJ, TT, you call and do not raise any other nest discard all cards

Intermediate position (In Middle position) nest cards as AK, A-Qs, K-Qs, QQ JJ, TT When filling, litter brand is a 9-9, 8-8, A-Js, A-Ts, Q-Js , AQ, KQ when you call, other nest card full fold.

Rear position (In Late position) nest cards as AK, A-Qs, K-Qs, QQ JJ, TT, 9-9, 8-8, A-Js, A-Ts, Q-Js, AQ, KQ overtime Note, Waterloo brand of A-Xs, K-Ts, Q-Ts, J-Ts, AJ, AT XX when you call, (XX means any small pair) if the previous player has raised or reraised, you should consider Fold

Many players nest cards as long as two plus one A flush or a small card, they will bet at any position, these cards are a trap nest, in the long run will make you lose money.


Once you've got the blinds, the money no longer belongs to you. Many players not to throw away in vain should not blind and play some cards to play nest, not worth it.

Suspended license

Looked after hanging cards, whether you want to fold, bet or raise is the second important decision you have to do, if your hand is not good, this is probably one of the most expensive decisions.Because later I saw hanging cards, cards that you have determined the strength of a 71%.71% is how to?Because after hanging cards read, you already know the seven cards in five cards, that the hand of 5/7, comparable to 71%.At this time you already have enough information to decide whether to play it.In general, later seen hanging cards, if you do not have a maximum card, there is no possible flush or straight, if you nest card is a small card, do not form the same number three, this time in front of you Players bet or raise, you should consider fold.

The turn (The Turn)

Looked after the turn, if you think your cards well, ho does not hesitate to raise. If a player raises in front of you, but you have only one pair of big, you should consider the fold.

The river (The River)

If you play right, you do not need to see the river can decide whether to bet on the river looked after, the player easy to commit two errors: 1, will obviously lose cards also call; 2, easy to fold Clearly , easily fold greater loss, so if you still have some opportunities to win, do not easily fold

Careful observation (Reading The Board)

Observe each player playing tricks expression betting habits is important because Texas Hold'em with five common cards, many times you can guess the largest card-type composition of the other players can, in order to determine whether the bet themselves.

Note opponents (Pay Attention)

Note what the opponents are playing nest cards, you bet is helpful, but do not be deceived by some trick opponents, so to observe more attention.

Such a short length can not teach you to play Texas Hold'em all the tricks, but if you can master and flexible use of the above strategy, you have more than 80 percent of the players level is high, your chances of winning in Texas poker table has far more than you play Blackjack Or Baccarat Winning opportunity.

In addition, there are many players on the Texas Hold'em tables to play cards for fun, the level is very poor, some rich, do not care about winning or losing, these people are often messy play, if you can find their weaknesses, there is an opportunity, it's easy The win over their money, which is Texas Hold'em has become a very lucrative Gambling The biggest reason the game

Play Texas Hold'em, the most important thing is to have patience, if you lack patience, it is best not to play this game.

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