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Texas Hold'em flop specific few hands

No defect strong hand (four different points, the strongest applause (full house), the strongest flush, the strongest straight)

In this case, when the flop you primarily consider what kind of play to get the greatest return. If no one took the initiative to build the pot (usually small bet / raise to increase the pot odds.) In Multiple Pot Game When 30-50% of your bet to the prize pool, many players wait for good cards and other cards weak players will call / raise. If you want to actively increase the prize pool, be sure to give opponents take Action / bluff leave enough space.

Defective strong hands (low score of applause, the strongest non-flush non-strongest Junko)

Such cards can be played by two profit: slow play to turn (after the turn if your hands are still holding a strong hand), or when the flop a "raise competition."

If you decide to repeatedly raise the flop, put all the chips to do to prepare. Sometimes, a better strategy is to wait until the turn and see if there is anyone's valuable card. If this occurs, case, you will be displayed on the turn out real strength. One disadvantage of this play is that you let the opponents on the turn would make up a bigger flush, straight or applause. And, if there is fourth with flowers brand, or appeared on the turn of a card only make up straight, this play will soon lose its meaning. So do the "dead hold card hold", so as not to catch the second card when the turn occurs ʱ??

Top / medium / low scores Triples point (use the cards to make up the Triples points)

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If the table is very coordinated (2/3 flush and / or 2/3 connected cards), you must attack in an effort to hand out opponents at once, because when the turn almost any brand will increase Minato a good card may.There are many players may chase, and therefore the amount of 200-300% of the pot will not be wrong to bet.If someone is already on the flop to make up the straight or flush, you still have about 34% chance of the brand to increase, at least to applause.If uncoordinated table, you can call or play slow cautious bets, try to lure the enemy in depth.If some cards in a "playable area" (eg: above 9 card points), the best bet cautiously, because when someone is usually holding good cards.Remember, holding the hands of a strong brand, as long as there is not much risk in the opponent catch good cards, you should be left to the opponent bluff space.What types of opponents will always consider the left hand.

Top dual-pair or top pair and the bottom pair (two cards are paired with)

Play and play the flop Triples point quite similar. This should slow play the hand cautiously bet or call (you can get a good return in later laps)

If the table well coordinated (2/3 cards with flowers and / or 2/3 connected cards), you usually want to punish those who wait for good cards of opponents. If there are multiple opponents, will not increase the intensity bet wrong. If you do catch a A kicker, let in hot pursuit of AK and AQ pay the price.

Double Bottom on

You need to bet and raise to protect the pot. This hand looks strong, but others are likely to be caught after cards exceeded. In general, you use the cards to make up even this hand, so there will always are likely to form at least straight. For example, while the flop if you hold 98s get K-9-8, any K then come the turn, Q, J, T, 7,5 licensing force will cause the increase, And if you are coupled with the potential of forming a flush card, the situation even worse. If you turn the common brand desktop form pairs (and you do not form applause), we must be careful, because the person holding ultrasound cards It has formed a stronger force than double your cards on the cards, or someone will make up Triples points.

Ultra-on cards (the flop when the score is greater than the highest public license pocket pair)

To Offensive game revenue more often rely on slow play high scores play ultra-pair (AA-KK), using the call or small tactical bets, hoping for someone before the flop reraise.Hands holding big cards on time, to avoid one or two more opponents to enter the flop.If there is no coordination of the table, while your game with one or two opponents, consider slow play to play super card.If your hands are on the cards over moderate score, the situation is very different from the.You want to win the pot at the flop, because in turn, super brand if to make up good cards on a threat to your brand.Especially when careful flop encounter 9-8-7, T-9-8 and J-10-9, in the formation of these cards flush draw.After the flop to get these cards, any player bet and raise you are likely to have your beat, or the fundamental surely overcome your catch good cards.

Top pair, A do kicker

In most cases the flop (and continue to turn), because you usually have a weaker kicker or poor holding a hand in the hand of vulnerable players.If the table has the coordination to ensure that the pot bet the same amount, in order to protect their brand.When you are holding the hands of AK, the flop to see K-7-3 rainbow and with a flush draw of KJ-9 will be very different.In the first case, you should consider slow play, while in the second case, you must strengthen bet at the flop, the turn obtained because any card will enhance the brand power.For example, you hold AT, get T-7-2 flop.You want to win the pot at the flop, or forced to hold 89, T9, JT, QT and KT pay players to chase.In addition, any 6, J, Q or K will enhance the brand power when the turn.

Top right, weak kicker

Not filling in the hand, if your brand is the best to win the next general injection pot.If the Board has four or more players, but do not consider giving up the fight.Generally, in a tight players to bet pot prize money, if it is very likely your kicker or smaller (sometimes) opponents hold over right, you should fold.If the players have not yet done a lot, you will especially need to be vigilant, because you can not afford any fierce fighting.Unless there is a lot of value in hand, such as the potential straight and flush draw cards, otherwise avoid too deeply stirred into this situation.For example, you hold 89s, when the flop came 6-7-8, where the two cards with your cards with flowers.Although you only have top pair plus a kicker, but also ready to support all the chips with this hand.This hand gives you 20 cards (!) The opportunity to overcome the hold AA opponents, therefore allowing you to more easily win.

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