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For the dealer, the losing is not the most terrible, the most frightening thing is no one to bet. So, in order to balance the amount bet,Gaming company Blindly reducing award rate of return / odds, is not feasible.

NOTE income and balanced living bookmakers game, in fact, and mathematics in the game. The final odds embodied Shengping Fu corresponding probability very close, it's like two people playing a coin toss, played more than 10,000 times , half the people involved are winning or losing. So you need to complete the bookmakers margin target only rely on balance by injection, and ultimately earn just pumping money this time, in order to complete the profitability goal, we need a Trader.

Trader What kind of people do first, they are like us fans;?. Secondly, they are dedicated to watching the research goals, and as a full-time occupation so the fans, not to mention trader strategy, these people get together together to deal with players one-man operations, natural players at a disadvantage. Accordingly, it is betting the company to improve profitability. In order to improve the profit margins brought about by traders, as well as more detailed settings.

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Trader (trader) is also divided into several levels:

head trader, responsible for the day trader's final policy for all;

senior trader (Senior Trader) is generally responsible for odds by confirming league adjustment;

trader, responsible for their own focus on one league, or 1,2 field that is adjusted odds game, in general, they can only be adjusted, confirm that you want to senior trader

Of course, there are some specific league or a specific trader, they can be assigned to confirm their own odds adjustments, such as most of the games are a person that is done, and head trader concern only those 'Key' events.

senior trader Trader basically have more than five years of experience, they know the game, they are familiar with the betting trend, they are familiar with gamblers mentality. They can 'solicitation', intentionally money to a certain extent in an option on their Experience can afford to give them a higher risk long-term statistical point of view, these subjective judgments and decisions are better than ordinary gamblers betting behavior immediately. This is relatively obvious.

Gaming company in order to achieve high profit margins, the tool is mainly used in two ways:

First pumping mathematics, and its corresponding margin

Second, there is a team of traders and strategies they develop to win some of the gamblers, thus improving profitability.

Finally, to emphasize a problem, is not entirely based on Wagner and the next refill. Kanpan one thing we can take note. If we choose five more reliable gaming companies as a basis to read the tape, which is five main win odds are shrinking. So big in fact may be the primary wins might play out. But we have to take up much of the intensity of it?

This is like, a cabbage has risen from 1 yuan a pound 20 per pound. This time if we have a lot of buying, because the value of cabbage in increase? Clearly, we should not buy this expensive price is virtual. This odds have been reduced quite similar. The odds can not be reduced to reflect the correct corresponding winning, this time betting, has been worth it. So I should remind you that a good winning percentage is not equal profits.

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