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Do not play gambling defeated in the "greedy" word

I think the vast majority of friends like to play Betting, But really be able to hold down a period earn no loss there are a few people? I think very few, why not? I want nothing more than just a greedy word on it. Where greed? I analyzed analysis, there are three:

1, for the people who play sub-string, a string that can be more profitable to a little more often see someone like string 1.1 several water games, he felt that simply is sent, the odds do not look at what odds Look decisive strung, it was also flattered that can multi-point interest income, often the last various squalling, various regret.

2, for the play to go to the people who, in general, plus go to the group, which pushed various various various experts seconds, while they silently watch diving recommended. When experts recommend not watching with his own plan and together when refilling ah, clearing ah, think this is bursting with confidence recommendation can feel the great fishing. They do not know is that master also pay to read the tape to see, but also determined to lack of water, when it is dark not life. Even winning 50-50, you refill a yield on Routong while, you really feel worthwhile thing.

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3, for the vast majority of people who play gambling, weekend league centralized, and what a bustling, various groups in the discussions, said the opportunity to come and then on a variety of both injection and what leagues, even the no How much garbage data reference have to play a few matches he just felt fun. I've seen a triple-digit number of the evening sports betting man, corner, which team goals, score, play anything, this would only could be more black and less red can be profitable thing? The answer is no.

In my opinion, no matter what type of people play, the most important that the selection, select the project type his own good bet, plus a certain amount of betting tips, but can not remember clearance, steady + principled struggle the most with village a good way to time if you can say a domineering: village but is ATM, when short of money then you go to the village to take the overbearing.

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