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Tastes real mahjong

Mahjong lure is betting that the economic benefits according to Mr. Liang Yuchun say, is "the possession of money impulse." Mahjong game can not be excluded, entertainment features, but there is no money to such a lubricant, playing cards, people may already yawn groaning, Zuoniaoshousan. real mahjong like religion. This analogy is not to belittle the religion. I only thought mahjong and religions, so that believers have Zhi ecstatic chaos magic.

The reason why certain things to attract students congregation, must have some kind of lure As lure Buddhist afterlife, Christianity lure is the kingdom of heaven. So, what is it the lure of mahjong?

If you use the word to describe the tastes mahjong, more appropriate, and can say, mahjong is the official Confucianism dignitaries, love of the common people total entertainment miscellaneous Lebanon.

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There are a variety of betting method, except mahjong followers very public, why I think that the aesthetic value of this first mahjong As Professor Zhang Yaohui said:?. "Sparrow card (ie tiles) look together in the golden section ( Gold Split) "The aesthetic value of mahjong is mainly reflected in four aspects, namely, the beautiful three-dimensional appearance, a variety of art font pattern, gorgeous colors and intense sound poet Xu said: "sparrow hands and brain, the eyes and ears brand is a pleasure." loved mahjong and poker table Xu transport sub-footed, mahjong function is to have a deep understand.

On the play diverse rules, changing it is another remarkable place of mahjong. Mahjong different rules, it was decided that a different game. I know there are thirty kinds of mahjong games are played as much as such hard, smelly, touch, shake, Yoriko, red, the youngest nine and so on, many tricks, dizzying. many of the play, like the literary genre of the colorful scene in the Chinese Contemporary Literature downturn today, I suggest that the writers go playing mahjong, it may be able to broaden their thinking, conducive to innovation.

Again, mahjong is a way you can fully enjoy the process of the game.If you think Tui Paijiu at the mahjong table, poker winnings as quickly satisfy desires, it is not acceptable.You must have some patience.You can be like a general, strategist to put a picture of the discard weed out; you can fancy house card under the house, stare for home and fully enjoy the fun of wits; you can also play cards on a one of them licensing and companions laugh fun, relaxed mood; .......Carefree contend realm, is this not a life of leisure Mody?Confucius' Analects, XVII "in such a discussion:!" Eating all day, no work, it is difficult to carry Kazuya were almost no Bo Yi?Whom Youxianhuyi."Confucius is not the way it seems like such a leisure mahjong objections.

"A Chinese man, Mende tears; and two Chinese people like to discuss; three Chinese people, do not matter; the four Chinese people, mahjong a" not very good for a nation in terms of rational thinking, mahjong is the most suitable for Chinese people, but the. "Why grief? Only mahjong." In Yingyinggougou life, mahjong indeed is one of the best detached. Mahjong addict, not a day playing mahjong hands will itch, and now Teahouse majority are repeat customers, these people speak talk mahjong, sit-ins would like mahjong, mahjong dream sleep, but also in such a mahjong own life, unwittingly grow old and die.

"Ma nine hundred million billion people, there are one hundred million in the observation."This is about a true portrayal of Chinese people now reality entertainment.In the streets, Murano terraced rice paddies, the most listened to talk not prices, taxes, stock situation, but mahjong.Mahjong has become an integral part of people's leisure life.Mahjong triggered by a variety of talk and talk, really can be called Mahjong "Mahjong culture" of the.My colleague Mr. Yuan Youchang has said so: "By playing mahjong, you can spy on a person's mind and behavior."I think it makes sense.At the table like fuss, fight, irritability, debts of people, he must be a narrow-minded, selfish people; at the tables set up like cards, stolen cards for a license and does not observe the rules of the competition, he must is a character is not perfect, Haonong intention of people.Schiller said: "The game is instinct, the game's performance is the nature of human nature exposed."There is no more real than the Man in the game, the exact.Suddenly there is a suggestion: When government officials wish to let them pull Stubbs hit a few games of mahjong, then select the wind record of licensed definitely wrong.Of course, this is just a joke.

Mahjong people, the majority of people in such a three and most persistent: life pain who were bored, possessive impulses young person but I do not play mahjong, it will rub off our gold Love, so we . Wanwusangzhi complacency Mr. Liang Qichao is love mahjong, he had a famous saying: "Only reading can forget the cards, only cards can forget reading." But we can not take this as an excuse, because Mr. Liang Rengong Day parade is our knowledge not learn.

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