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Landlords holy grail of winning skills of meter point system bidding method

Landlords are one form of the game we loved, not only widespread in the network, is one of the essential magic casinos. Many network platform developed real money Landlords game, allowing the player in entertainment but also to take an extra, the majority of players welcome.

In order to win real money Landlords in numerous master Landlords skills put to the study, under the joint efforts of the majority of players, to date, Landlords game of skill has self-contained units system. To the Landlords real money clearing up the game to win, to master some skills are very necessary today to introduce a bidding method, we choose to call the landlord's policy is very good.

Now the game, because farmers are often not satisfactory with landlords winning is high, but also to a lot of players to develop a habit overcall landlords, they think the landlords have the upper hand, outs, and other advantages, but also good in their own technology Under the circumstances, even if the situation was unfavorable, they often do not know each other can grab farmers card type, with adverse mistakes, stroke comeback.In fact, this idea is very wrong, a survey showed that farmers and landowners fairly level, and the situation is completely under the tacit understanding, landlords winning only about 20%.Visible, landlords victory is often due to lack of opponents actually level and other causes, once run into strong opponent, regardless of card type random players called the landlord, will inevitably lose appalling.

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So in the end we should not be called the landlord? When it should be called the landlord do? Years ago, the Americans invented the bridge count Goren point bidding method, greatly promoted the development of the bridge. But today, the experts from the bridge Landlords bidding method inspired invented Landlords meter point system bidding method, Landlords players to provide a precise basis called the landlord.

Landlords meter point system bidding method to force a deck of cards into a number of points, specifically calculated as follows:

A bomb = four points. If a bomb is 7,8 or J, 10 bombs, you must subtract that. Because to go with straight, often had to tear down the center of the order of a bomb, so they want to advance deduction point. However, if the five bombs, you do not point deduction.

Three 2: Three three 2 not only bring a right, but also the call of the road head big, very big role.

Big strange: two o'clock big monster is dead Zhang Dan Road To outcry, the best have to have a big monster, or to subtract a little.

Mobs: it will lift the value of mobs, if you up into two big strange, this mobs approximately 2:00, a large strange if no, then mobs will not come to the point value.

For 2: 2 is a little two brother on the head, but entirely worth a little leaflet 2 can not count points.

Three: three point not only easy to make into a bomb, but you can add a call to a road, the cards are more valuable point entirely.

With these calculations are based on the number of points, you can use your hand points to decide whether to call the landlord. Usually in the first house, sleeping mat two opener, there are twelve of you can open petit If the landlord is in the third, fourth, and have got ten points and sometimes also heavily involved in the licensing competition petit landlord if full sixteen point, you can add outcry Squires others after a block;.. if He reached 21 points, completely straight pull large landowners in the first.

Also if you want to call the landlord, in addition to considering the number of points, but also need to consider the factors that card type, card type if bad, it is difficult to come and make up cards with words, recommendations or patience to make the cards bad tragedies ʱ??

Master meter point system after bidding method, when we called the landlord have a heart at the end, even if not fully in accordance with the bidding law sent for the count point system, on their own side wins will have a more accurate estimate. Sun Tzu Clouds: multi-operator wins more, less and less operator wins, numerous if not before the start of the game had settled the situation, so it is not out of reach naturally victorious myth.

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