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Mahjong is a philosophy

This person usually has a skill I always used to carefully read my favorite book, I do not want to play mahjong.But relatives and friends gathered at the holidays Shique playing mahjong activists, I think playing mahjong is a good puzzle game, is a form of entertainment for all ages, including fun, a lot of mystery.Some people say, reading ya, playing mahjong vulgar, I do not think so.I think reading it, beat mahjong worth mentioning, it is turnip greens all have love, the two are not the Refined and Popular points, respectively equal status.It was against people playing mahjong, but I think playing mahjong is individual freedom, not against.Now a lot of people play mahjong China, the so-called "ground regardless north and south, people young and old, when day and night," Mahjong is closely linked with the Chinese people's life, inseparable.

I think,Mahjong In China is concerned, it is not just a play, it is a mystery, a sign, a phenomenon. Mahjong body inclusive of profound social content, but because of its universal and makes us blind to the common.

I think, mahjong entrusted with the Chinese people's ideal existence, perhaps, mahjong phenomenon more intriguing than football phenomenon, thought-provoking, Mahjong is a philosophy.

Mahjong reflects equal opportunity.Play mahjong, it must form a temporary four small units, as long as you are willing to enter this small unit that it is a simple matter.Between friends, colleagues, classmates, comrades, neighbors, fellow, a stranger can be temporary or mobilized, free combination, there is no limit to education, age, job title, gender, and other aspects of the relationship.It is not afraid not afraid that, it wants to join confidently.Now one unit in particular is a good unit is too difficult, do not say when formal workers, many hires temporary workers, the condition is 30 years of age, bachelor's degree or more, even if you have these conditions, it does not matter if that does not work.Hard into the unit, into a good unit even harder, in fact, difficult employment.I suspect that some people voluntarily form a small unit recreation and entertainment, is probably to find a balance and liberation from the heart.

Mahjong reflects the principle of fairness.Mahjong the rules of the game developed jointly by everyone, the rules are formalized, everyone unconditional compliance.Winning or losing on the mahjong table victory or defeat is fair contest under the same rules, regardless of where small government official, regardless of adults and children, regardless of men and women, regardless of the level of fat, thin, regardless of Father and son, regardless of celebrity people, regardless of rich and poor, should be treated equally, where privilege does not work, money does not work, the relationship does not work, the plot does not work, we rely on the skill and luck cards.Perhaps, in real life, the unfair treatment we suffered too much, looking for a job, promotion, engage in industrial and other, Which did not intervene relationships and money, which of no behind the scenes, Which no trick.In fact, all areas of society, truly fair competition where the number of?Chinese network of relationships, money network, crony network in the end how much more broad, deep, who say where.But when we sat on the mahjong table when surprised to find that it looks like the place is actually dirty salted piece of pure land, there is fair competition in the true sense, but precisely because it is fair competition, to make this event playing mahjong fun, so I sparred from the heart of man is somewhat understand mahjong.

Mahjong game is to achieve full democracy.When the rules of the game, everyone can speak, each person's opinion will be respected, who can not be autocratic.At the mahjong table, no leadership, no authority, everyone is the people, everyone is absolutely equal.In order to reflect the equity, democracy, order, mahjong implementing a turn "dominate" system, according to a certain order Zuozhuang everyone can turn to the right, and this right is very limited Zuozhuang power, in fact, first draw a card, first Power play cards; the mahjong table and everyone are overseers, but also by supervisors, if someone cheating at cards, everyone can justifiably be revealed once the irrefutable facts, so people will have been strictly cheating punishment, there is no room for maneuver.Because of the democratic system, it is difficult to cheat at the mahjong table, did not dare to cheat.We can say that democracy is the best way to eradicate cheating.

Mahjong embodies the principle of disclosure.Everyone played cards open, after eating a combination of cards is also open, and when put cards down, light at the end, so that we look into that, mahjong every aspect of public.It should be said not to engage in secret operations at the mahjong table.Publication is the sworn enemy of secret operations.In fact, openness and fairness are closely connected.Publication is to put things under the sun, in fact, all those ugly things just can not tolerate the sun, just cause has never been afraid to open fair and square, playing mahjong not disclosed if it is a result of how the country, such as Joe Smith say, and I, and I won, did not let us see a license, and who is willing to admit it, who are willing to serve.In real life, how many different things like Joe Smith, not to reveal their own cards, but claims and the.In contrast, many of us have become accustomed to.Interestingly, however, the drawbacks, but do not have occurred at the mahjong table, so I think, playing mahjong can be regarded as entirely an elegant activity that is not in its elegant surface, but in its essence.

Individual rights are fully respected on the mahjong table, individuals have complete freedom.How do you play cards that is a personal matter, no one intervention, no one is forcing.At the mahjong table, the individual will be fully demonstrated, your brain actually grows on his shoulder, personal initiative into full play.While you are in school, in factories, in offices, at the hospital is not the same, at school, the teacher is the authority, the teacher let you how how do you have to do, the teacher said it right, wrong is wrong; in the factory, director, said the count, the director let you east, west, you can not let you laid off, you can not say no; the authorities, the leadership is the standard, you said to do according to leadership on the line, like anything else, the doors are not ; in the hospital, the doctor is the truth, you only have to obey parts of the truth, to deny doctors, guts too fat, right.While at the mahjong table, they are their own masters, truly grasp their destiny in their own hands, by playing mahjong, I felt really exist.And elsewhere, you may feel Ruoyouruowu, trance, looming.Valuable, mahjong help us find ourselves, mahjong undeniable.

After all, mahjong integration into our helplessness and loss, at the same time, they placed us hope and struggle. In fact, mahjong is itself a reflection of the people's opinion, it harmful, because many people find themselves unable to indulge them, Clearly, people indulge in mahjong in equity, justice, democracy, freedom, and this is real life fairness, justice, democracy, freedom, after all, are two different things, being overly indulge in mahjong might kill our will, make we are really after the fair, just, democratic only stay in the desktop three feet, would not sad.

Perhaps, our society needs a lot of people to Mahjong rules to the entire society, it should be said, our society forward fairness, justice, democracy, freedom direction, important task is to actively promote this process.

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