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Play real money games are played four Landlords Ningbo tips

Games on the network has been showing hot state, then play for real money Landlords platform to launch more regional characteristics Landlords play. Ningbo is one of them four Landlords herein, this is intended to help Ningbo Landlords Non-Ningbo area's friends and their own understanding of the region is not the same play Landlords play skills.

Ningbo Landlords have two decks of cards, a total of 108 cards, a total of four players, the landlord of the party, and the remaining three on the other, the two sides battle, first-out party finished cards wins. The cards rules like "struggle upstream."

One. Basic play:

1, the licensing: the need to buckle before the end of the licensing, that is, from the system randomly selected eight cards as cards, Flip on one side, the rest of the cards issued to four, the cards automatically added to become the hands of landlords.

2, called Score: 4 points in turn began to call, you can select 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, or not called points, if a person has two hands of the king and he was called minutes before, he had called three points called. to 3 minutes or call the person who became the landlord highest points. If you do not want the first local master, the other three do not treat, then forced the first local master, then forced the local host can be called 2 points or 3 points , can not be called 1 minute.

3, cards: When first eight cards to the landlord, the eight hole cards of other players would like to open the cards first and then by the landlord, the players counterclockwise order of the cards, turn to users with cards, users can Select PASS cards button or press cards. until all the party brand ended this bureau finish after the end of each round players in the hands of the remaining cards will be light out. does not show the number of cards in the hands of each of the licensing process, It is displayed only when the card is less than equal to 10.

II. The basic card type:

1, a single card (hand): A single card scores than the size press, followed by King> Wang> 2> A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3 , regardless of color.

2, the cards (hand): two cards of the same value.

3, three: three cards of the same value (such as three 10).

4, captive (three with a pair): three cards of the same value only to bring a pair of cards, for example: 333 + 44

5, even for (double cis): three or more consecutive pair of cards (such as: 334455,88991010JJ). Including A, 2 (in this case a minimum, such as: AA2233 <334455)., Do not include double king double cis Minimum requirements for 3 pairs.

6, three along: two or more consecutive three cards (such as: 333444,444555666777). Including A, 2 (in this case a minimum, as AAA222 <333444), not including the king three cis double the minimum requirement of two continuous "three."

7, Butterfly (Flying): three along with the number of cis + for example: 333444 + 7788.

8, a bomb: four or four more cards with values ​​(such as four or six 5 7) In addition to larger than their bombs outside, what card type can be the same number of sheets bomb bomb, the value is greater than the value Small Large (2, followed by A ...); the number of sheets much larger than the small number of sheets bomb bomb four king can simultaneously act as 8 the same value cards, namely 12 cards consisting of the bomb, but it is more than the King. small fry.

9, King Fried: four Wang, max.

Four king except the following two circumstances can act as any card: eg 33344 Wang, Wang 8 7 6 Wang Wang 99,333 +

(1) connected to, it can not act as neutral: 33 King of Kings as 55, and the king and the king 4455,3344

(2) In the three along, the same can not act as neutral: 333 King of Kings as the king and the king 444

10, not a straight.

three. Points Calculation method:

Landlord wins:

Landlord score - Basic score 10 points * call * 3 times

Remaining players score - 10 points basis points * 3 times

Landlords lost:

Landlord score - Basic score 10 points * call * 3 times

Remaining players score - 10 points basis points * 3 times

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